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What MW3 Should've Taken From Black Ops


Black Ops was by far the most balanced Call of Duty game, we have all played. I don't care if you hate it, or you love it, we can all agree it was a balanced game. That's why Infinity Ward shoudl've implemented some of the new features Treyarch added into Black Ops.


1st Perk Appearances - I don't really know how to word it, so I'll explain it. Whatever perk you had in your Tier 1 slot (Blue), changed how your character looked. This was EXTREMELY helpful to me, and I'm sure to others aswell. For instance; Whenever someone had Flak Jacket on, I knew for sure not to try to kill him with any explosives. Or if they were using Ghost, I could see they were wearing a ghillie, and I knew that I'd have to lookout for him, because he would not appear on my Radar.


Weapon Customization - It seems with this whole "Level up your Weapon", and Weapon Proficiencies. IW was kind of on the same path as Treyarch, because they were all into this weapon customization, and making the weapon yours. But they took away a lot of the customixation for your weapon. You can't put your emblem on your gun. You can't put your Clan Tag on your gun. You have a very limited choice of reticles, and no Reticle Colour. No Lens colour. This doesn't really sound like a game changer, but it's these little features that make the game fun.


Special Weapons - I LOVED the Crossbow and Ballistic Knife in Black Ops. Sure these weapons weren't made to improve your performance but they were damn fun. They were also useful in situations if you used them properly. Crossbow was probably the most accurate explosive in the game, and the ballistic knife was really good for continuous knifing. Let alone being able to shoot a blade at someone!


Gunship - As far as I know, there's no Airial Killstreak in MW3, that you get to control completely. The Gunship in Black Ops was amazing, because of this. You could easily control your helicopter into the differnet enemy spawns. With predetermined courses for helicopters, it makes it really hard to not get shot down. Especially when you're in a random location, no where near the enemies, then getting shot down.


SR71 Blackbird - They kind of brought it back, but renamed it to the "Advanced UAV". It seems kind of pointless to me, because it's EXACTLY like the UAV, but shows the direction of the enemy. It's not that hard to see where the enemy is going, based on their spaawn, and where the objective is. The SR 71 was an amazing killstreak, because it was a real time UAV, and showed the direction for a full 45 second.


Emblem Customization - I really enjoyed being able to make my own creative emblems, and letting everyone see it. I know sometimes it was abused with people making inappropriate images, but that didn't really both me at all.


Combat Record - The CR in Black Ops was amazing. They literally almost had every stat you could think of, stored in there. I loved seeing my "Favourite Weapon", and other people's too. It really let you see everyone who was a great player, and people were not so good.


Search Preferences - Now I'm not to sure if they'll put this in MW3 or not, considering it was not in MW1, nor MW2. Search Preferences were really helpful for me in matchmaking. I live in Canada, and when I put mine to Locale Only, almost everytime I was getting a 3-4 bar connection to the host. It didn't work everytime, but it was still great to bring back from W@W



So what do you guys think? These are just ideas off the top of my head. What do you think they shoud've brought back?

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    Hmm i would say that cod4 is more balanced than black ops.


    But as far as customizations go i like having the options but to me just about all of them were useless, almost all the reticles took too much space on the red dot sight, camos weren't impressive, hitting 14th prestige just for gold camo is pretty stupid.

    But i did like the emblem customization, but again there was too little options that i actually liked, to me it felt like this was geared more toward the younger gamers.

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    android_lotus wrote:


    to me it felt like this was geared more toward the younger gamers.

    Yet they took out One man Army, Danger Close, Commando, Weakened Noobtubes, Made Quick Scoping require Skill, and Stopping Power...

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    First Tier indicators were a waste of space. You shouldn't rely on explosives to get kills and unless they're corner camping, Assassin/Blind Eye won't be a problem.


    Weapon Customisation was also a waste of space. There's no reason for it, other than for clans and little kids trying to make their guns look "awesomez."


    Special Weapons were, I'll admit it, fun, but they aren't going to fit in the Modern Warfare era that the whole "Modern Warfare" series is about. Since when would you see a modern Delta Ops soldier using a Crossbow when everyone else is using RPG's? Besides, the Ballistic Knife is illegal in the United States.


    Yes there is; the AC130 and the Osprey Gunner. I'm assuming you know what the AC130 is, but the Osprey Gunner is exactly like the Gunship, except it has no rockets, and it drops care packages for your teammates. No need for any other player controlled killstreaks or it would retrogress into MW2. You really should do some research before posting, you know.


    The SR71 Blackbird was a bit overpowered, if you ask me. It barely "refreshes," as the UAV does, and it lasts longer, as well as showing position. This meant the enemy team was, in all seriousness, defenseless as they had no way to defend themselves other than to camp in a corner and pray they wouldn't get blown up or corner peeked. I'm glad they toned it down a bit in MW3.


    Creating your own emblem was so abused it wasn't even funny anymore, and there's no real point to it. I'd rather show off some hard-to-get Title than show off how good I am at making genitals with pre-set images.


    In other words; let Treyarch to their own devices and don't ruin MW3 with the crap they decided to make. All I really asked for was Theatre, and it was included as well as upgraded, so I can't ask for any more. If you still believe these things should be included, you're either a kid, or a weirdo.


    Nuff said.

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    Okay first off, Yes correct no one cares who loves or hates the game. Personally, I hated the game and got rid of it after level 14. But youre wrong that its the most balanced game. It is by far the most unbalanced game. COD4 was the most balanced, gun on gun action game. Black ops was full of bullshit you cant even beleive

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    How was Black Ops unbalanced? I have time

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    No counter to Ghost.


    And don't say "YOUR EYES," please. We all know Stopping Power was the counter to it.


    That, and the spawning issues combined with the Chopper Gunner/Gunship meant massive spawnkilling.

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    Get a Blackbird. If you think Ghost is cheap, there's nothing blocking you from using it yourself


    And the spawning in MW2 was god awful to the spawning in Black Ops. All

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    You think every scrub has the ability to just magically get a Blackbird whenever they please, especially when the Ghost users in question are corner-camping?


    I usually run Scavenger, so... no. Besides, I wouldn't stoop down to their level, it's demeaning.


    Oh rly? Check this vid then. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oMPEkn4VHs

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    I think the only thing they should've taken from Black Ops was the customization of the sight and emblem/clan tag on your weapon. Other than that nearly everything else about BO was a total and complete failure.



    It is by far the most unbalanced of all the CoD games  Ghost and Flak Jacket are the only perks in the first category worth using, (mainly due to scavenger being completely useless)  and Sleight of hand is the only perk in the 2nd category worth using.


    The SR71 Blackbird was by far the worst idea in FPS history, and I am already sure that the advanced uav will be one of the worst (and most overused) support streaks in MW3. It is nothing more than a 45 second wallhack for everyone on the team. It wouldn't be so bad if ghost still kept you hidden, but there is NOTHING to counter it.  It is ridiculously easy in BO to get a SR71, die, use it and get another one. I can keep a SR71 in the air almost nonstop every single time I play BO. (Which is probably why i've been called a wallhacker more times than I can count, and my kdr average in BO is ridiculously high)  We can only hope that the advanced uav in MW3 has a counter perk.



    The controllable gunship was definately cool, but the targeting system made it ridiculously overpowered. Honestly It could have been massively improved in two ways. 1) Mark all friendlies on the map with a green X (Critically important for hardcore)

    2) Make the rounds NON explosive. The splash damage from the heli's guns was ridiculously large.



    Specialized weapons would be a nice touch, but I found the Crossbow and Ballistic knife from BO to both be stupid and completely worthless. The Crossbow explosive was ridiculously small. It would've been a LOT more fun if It was a one hit kill bladed bolt. I was excited when I first heard of a Crossbow in BO, but I used it a few times and it was never used again.

    The Ballistic knife was also an epic fail imo. Worse than the tactical knife attatchment for pistols from MW2 (So glad they brought them back for MW3) I would rather see throwing knives similar to perfect dark for the N64. A set of 5-10 throwing knives you could pick up after thrown. (At the very least I say give us 2-3 knives to throw, having only one throwing knife gets annoying when you miss and end up unable to find the knife)



    The customizable emblems were a nice touch, and I saw some pretty inventive icons/designs made up. However with the overabundance of horribly innappropriate emblems I saw I can understand their decision to not give us this feature. You can always count on the douchebags to ruin a good thing for everyone.



    I've preordered every CoD since CoD4 MW, but Treyarch screwed up Black Ops so badly that I won't even bother to purchase their next CoD game at all. The only reason WaW was even remotely good was that it was virtually copied straight from CoD4. Thankfully we have IW to make the good CoD games.

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