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Is this a joke? (Scoreboard + Assists)

I really feel like MW3 is taking a couple steps backwards from Blackops.... The only thing I will point out right now is the score boards and assist points.... Looks like they are EXACTLY the same as MW2. You should get more points for more damage for a enemy a teammate killed. I'd hate to say this, but BF3 has the assist thing down. It's even better than Blackops. But at least Blops had somewhat of a good assist system. Secondly, I was watching some gameplay. Same as MW2: Kills - Assists - Deaths - Bars.... WHY?! Where is the ratio?! Ok, its not the worst thing in world but come on IW! xP    If this is in the game at launch I wont be happy but I can only hope there will be a Capture/Plant/Defend/Defuse Column. Can I get someone to conform this?