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eXoTiiC Clan Recruiting Xbox and Ps3


We are looking for people who are willing to have fun yet kick some ass at the same time. We have a youtube channel and website set up all we need is members. Once MW3 comes out we will start to post videos. If you would like to join then here are some requirments.



Must be familiar with the sniper rifle

Must take a test

Must have some type of capture card



If you would like to join the do one of the following:

Leave a comment

Message me on youtube.com/mrnate1528

Message eXoTiiC_xTuMoR (ps3)

Message eXoTiic PuLze (xbox)

Please include that you would like to join


Once you have made it you would have to make a new account or rename your account to eXoTiiC