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Plea To Former Black Ops Players - Those Who Are Still Feeling The Effects


Please remember that Black Ops is Black Ops and this is MW3 now. Black Ops is done by Treyarch. MW3 is done by Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games.


I know some of you know this already so this isn't for you. It's for the people who keep bringing their nightmares of Black Ops into MW3's features as if these two games are alike. They're not. None of the maps are alike, this isn't Nuketown or any other 5 player map they have over there. This is MW3. The maps are much bigger and much more area and places than Black Ops.


I believe from past experience, from IW, this game won't be a buggy mess like Black Ops is. Treat this game as it's own. The PC community should also be it's own. We don't want to be further reduced as Black Ops has already done and we don't need forced restrictions down our throats. Yes, I wish we could have both ranked and unranked and even though unranked isn't all of what we asked for, it's more PC oriented than ranked is. Black Ops' maps were set up so bad, it made the server owners themselves cry for a 12 player limit. That is sad to see on the PC.


I hope we won't have to see things like that go on in the future, but who knows. One thing's for sure - this isn't Black Ops.