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Can't play MW2 anymore due to UAV hack!!

Has anyone else gotten into a lobby in MW2 and notice that someone on the opposing team know exactly where you are at?  I know for a fact that there is a hack/infection that allows people to have a constant UAV up in their minimap.  A friend of mine I play SND with can do this and is proud of the fact that he can do this.  How can we as a COD community get ready for MW3 when we can't play MW2 due to this problem?  I was playing SND on Afghan yesterday and kept getting killed while I was running Cold Blooded and Ninja.  And before you say I suck, I have over 56 days, yes you heard correctly, 56 DAYS of online play on MW2.  To test to see if they had the hack, we were suppose to plant the bomb and we were down 0-3, I took the bomb and went to snipers hill.  There's a spot on top that if you go down on the ledge, you can't get back up and no one can see you.  I was the last alive and there was 2 guys left on the other team.  A sniper on the other team with 30 seconds left, walked up to me, looked down, and killed me.  How else could he know where I was at without this hack/infection?  I am wondering if IW will fix this problem?  I hate Black Ops but am being forced to play this crap game due to this problem...I love MW2 and all the maps, heck I don't even mind the OMA, QS, etc..I love the game!  I have called and emailed IW for an answer to this problem and they haven't replied to me.  Has anyone else had this issue?