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Is MW3 QS really THAT bad?


99% of the community haven't played MW3 and yet we have people already complaining that the game is unbalanced and people are cancelling preorders and shouting about how they won't even buy the game before it's even been released. This is worse than it was before Black Ops came out. So to the few people who got the game early is the QS really that much of a game breaker to the point that a decent QS can dominate and entire match and other weapons don't stand a chance?


I'm more of an SMG type of player so I like to run around and find close combat and occasionally medium range. I tend to avoid really long range areas and if I find a sniper I will put effort into going around him and finding ways of going up close againt him. Are you telling me that at any range the sniper has an advantage over me no matter what I do?


I personally do think quickscoping is stupid and shouldn't have been put back in the game but that's something we have to live with. It's not going to put me off buying this game and I will make up my own mind when I get the game in a couple of days time. If quickscoping really is that overpowered then I'm sure IW can do something about it. Robert Bowling mentioned on his Twitter that IW do have the ability to tweak just about anything in the game if it seems to be overpowered and I'm sure sniper rifles are one of them. I remember when the AK74u in Black Ops used to have ridiculous power at range so to compensate more recoil was added to the gun.


Give it a chance