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Why I agree with Stat Reset on Nov .

Alright, I'm no big CoD super Leaderboard amazing player.
I never even get on the forums, Yet...Definitly going to change with MW3.
But, I've been on here an hour or so, and I've seen a lot of people talking about people that got the game a week early, and in these threads, there are SO many people dising the OP for requesting everything get Reset on Launch... Really? Are you that stupid, to think that just because YOU don't care about and being "First" in a game, that other people are not allowed to? I've never even looked at the leaderboards, and I can see why they would complain, it's simply "Unfair" now, you can say "Life's not fair" but, this is Call of Duty, NOT life, games are supposed to be fair. So, People "Earned" stuff the "Hard Way" and they shouldn't have to "Suffer" a stat Reset? The game was set to relese Nov. 8, they basically got to play a Beta, and one rule of Beta, is everything gets reset at Launch, it's simply to make the game fair to everyone. They can keep their knowledge, that can't be reset, but they should start fresh, with everyone else on Day 1. Another one of the comments I found quite Absurd was "So you're saying stats should be reset every day because 'he got the game before me." think dude... they aren't mad because they just didin't get the game yet, they're upset because they CAN'T get the game yet, if someone didn't get the game till Christmas, that's their fault, they have controll over that, when it comes down to this, it's something that as a player, we have NO controll over, so, asking for a reset on launch seems like a pretty reasonable request to me. Now, I'm sure I'll get the "You're Just Jealous!" comment, umm well, a little yeah, not really though, when it comes down to it, reset or not, I'll never be a good enough player to even be known in CoD, but who knows, resetting the stats, and making it fair, might be the only thing stopping one of those people complaining from being #1, or even #100, hell, I'd be happy with being in the top #100,000! Lets see, someone asked for a Reason why it should be reset, well, there is your answer, from a 3rd party that is only siding with one side over the other due to simple common sense.



TLDR: The game comes out Nov 8, Everyone should start fresh on Nov. 8. People aren't complaining that they "Didn't" get the game before than, they're complaining because they "Can't" get the game Till than. A total reset of the MW3 servers is not just fair, it should be expected.


"shut up u stoopid kid!" "Actually, I'm only 20, so yes, I might be a kid to you, but my age is no sign of my intelligence."

"yur wrong!" "Please explain where."
"lifes not fair!" "If Call of Duty is 'life' to you, than you need prefessional help."
"ur jelly!" "Personally, I could care less, I've already paid off my Hardened Edition, and the Anticipation is what's making this so Exciting, I'm glad to start with everyone else."

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