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If you Pre ordered any edition of MW3 FROM ANY STORE, you will be able to pick it up anytime after launch for 48 hours this is standard rules almost everywhere some rare exceptions to this may exist. After that your pre order gets canceled and they will sell it to someone else. If you ordered it in the mail and paid priority shipping they most likely wont mail it till Monday and overnight it to your house. Yes some people will get their mail order tomorrow Monday (DEAL WITH IT) The leader boards aren't up and working yet so chill out. Some of your mail orders may not even show up till wednesday or Thursday heck maybe even a month from now (god forbid) But that is life, mail mistakes happen, mail get lost or held in customs. Not my fault you didn't just order it at the fricken store. Yes I understand that some may not have a store to buy it from but most asking about mail order could have gone to the store to get it.




"I cant find a hardened edition anywhere they are sold out" so its your fault for not pre ordering it in a timely fashion, (like a month ago maybe or even earlier). Yes most stores will have a midnight release, the sooner you get there the more likely you will be in the front of the line. If you already paid for it and you are going to the midnight release still get there early if you have a busy store. Come on people this stuff should not be that hard to figure out. In this day and age I'm surprised there is so many questions on mail ordering from the Internet. ANY QUESTIONS? And yes I know China wants their wall back, but I'm using it right now.