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No third person game modes?

Anyone else dissapointed about this?


Me and some of my friends only used to play this game mode, I skipped Black Ops entirely because this mode wasn't in it, I don't know why but I just expected it to be in this game.


I noticed it is in private matches, but there is no actual way to search for 3rd person matches...


What is up with that???


Why build something into a game and don't put it to use............................. SIGH


Back to that other competing shoot-em-up game I guess. -_-

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    You DO know that they call this genre a FIRST PERSON for a reason, right? They don't just call it that for ***** and giggles?

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      I don't see your point?


      I enjoyed the third person mode very much in Modern Warfare 2 and I wanted to play it in MW3. It is built into the game so why not have a game mode for it?


      It doesn't make any sense.

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        Meaning they aren't required to put in 3rd person gamemodes because the whole point of the game is to play in first person... haven't you ever noticed it was in no other Call of Duty game? It was only there because they were testing out new ideas. I'm not surprised they haven't reincluded it at all since they already put two new modes in AND they've shoved a whole lot of content into a single disc.

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          That still makes no sense, because it IS in the game.


          The content is there.


          The only thing that isn't there, is the option to choose it as an online public match.

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            Maybe because it's for ***** and giggles?


            In MW2 it was an easy feat to sit behind a corner and see most of the map, essentially allowing you to get cheap kills, and it was extremely easy to get headshots because you don't have to aim.


            Seriously, if you want to play a 3rd person gamemode in a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER that bad, just go play MW2 again. No one's required to cater to your needs like they're your mommy or something.

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              Don't really know why you're getting so emotional about this?


              I'm sure I am not the only person in the world who enjoys 3rd person mode in MW. I can go on MW2 right now and find a match so that alone proves people still play and enjoy the mode.


              Anyway, I just think its a big let down that they failed MW3. Until they put in 3rd person I'll be playing BF3 because I think the first person in that game is much better.

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              Sorry but if you thing that was what 3rd person was about on mw2 ur wrong only bad player wall hugged. I loved 3rd person on mw2 and I got this game so could play it again on mw3. I have to say I'm gutted at them not doing 3rd person team tactical and hope they plan on adding it. Before you say anything I'm just as good at playing first person but enjoy playing 3rd person more on cod. Plus put 3rd person back in team tactical it was a great gametype and a change from playing first person when didn't want to.

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    Instead of putting a lot of work  into a playlist the 300 people out of the hundreds of millions who play cod, they put everything else into First person mode....very smart move indeed.

    sorry if you are in the 300!

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    There is an option for Radar Always On as well, though there has never been a public match for that, has there? Why not have that in Pubs?