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[D$A] Death Skull Army

Clan Name: Death Skull Army

Clan Tag: [D$A]

Location: Worldwide

Recruiting: Yes

Website: http://www.deathskullarmy.com

Mic: Needed for tournaments, not required just playing random games


Co Leaders: Chainzs, skf4 steveval


Basic Info on [D$A]: The Death Skull Army is a solid group of players with some of our members drawn from some of the most famous and well respected PS3 Clans there is and we are always looking for new members with a passion for gaming. We mainly play First Person Shooters and we will be active on MW3. While we like to kick back and chat in the forums, we also like to get down to business in-game. If you're looking for a team that will have your back, look no further than [D$A].





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