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Running a dedicated server?


I'm having issues with running my own dedicated server.


1. The Sledgehammer blog post (http://sledgehammergames.com/blog/view/98) mentioned that the sample recipes, playlist and server.cfg would be in <steam folder>\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\admin. They're actually located in the players2 folder (don't know why that is). I moved the files to the correct place without issue but it's a bit worrying to have inaccurate info on a developer's blog about one of their own games.


2. I'm not sure how to tell if my server is working properly. I've entered the commands in the server console as instructed on the aforementioned blog post but I don't seem to be getting any console activity after that.


3. The server.cfg is rather daunting to me as a newbie to hosting a server (there's no Australian servers so I've pretty much been forced to step in and fill the void in that regard). What are the recommended settings?


4. What sort of player count could I host on my connection (8000/384 kbit/s)?

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    Having played alot of cod on a busy network i used a program called netlimiter to stop people hogging my bandwidth, for an individual you'd need about 20kbs up and 20 kbs down to maintain an acceptable ping, 40/20 for a good ping, multiply this by your target player count then add about 20% more ontop and you should be golden, also disable VOICE chat and you'll save alot of bandwidth and your ears, no doubt some dude with a loud mic will come on and deafen everyone.


    EDIT: also look for call of duty 4 server guides, the engine is essentially the same eccept with a few commands ommited, most of the guides should be noob friendly and thankfully the server side stuff is pretty easy to understand, most of the commands do exactly what they say, you can't go wrong to be honest, just be sure to check your map rotation for any mistakes against the preset configs sledge will provide for refrence.

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    Hate to repeat myself again but the info here may well be useful for you PalZer0:-


    We have the server files here a Multiplay Gameservers but there are some serious issues with the current release as detailed in my post here:- Dedicated Server Issues


    Personally I wouldn't recommend running a dedicated server on a home connection, it will never be as stable as proper dedicated server hosted on dedicated hardware.


    If your looking for such a server we do offer servers in AUS so checkout Multiplay Gameservers


    Our MW3 servers are currently set to pre-order until IW / Activision come up with a solution to the online server registration issue detailed in the linked post above, but once thats sorted we'll be ready to role