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MW3 is hands down the best COD yet

I am so freaking happy that I got this game at midnight. This game is great, this game is better than Black Ops(boring), better than MW2(Noob tube, commando, lag), and kind of matched up with COD4. I couldnt have asked more more IW, Sledge, and Activision. Day 1 and everything seems fine so far? I havent got noob tubed once in this game, THIS GAME IS GUN-ON-GUN! What a game guys, what a game! BRAVO!

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    Wait till the sugar intake wears off and re assess your findings

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    Don't listen to these other kids, this game is incredible especially after having to endure BLOPS.  The only reason they downgrade it is because they get wrecked on when they jump into a game.  Why would you have pre-ordered the game and played it already if you have such a disliking for CoD's?

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      What's with this tantrum throwing babyl that is trashing the game on every single thread I open? If you've ever watched a single video, you'd have an idea what the multiplayer was going to be like. The game runs super smooth with virtually no lag and seems more balanced and genuinely fun out of the box than any COD yet.


      I can't make any excuses for the glitches. I won't pass judgement on those until they have some time to fix them.


      It's obvious this brat was just waiting for the game to be released so he could through a hissy fit online. If you already hated everything that COD represents, why would you expect a game built on the the same engine to be drastically different?


      So you've got a couple of opinions about the game. Fair enough. Congrats on being a rabid troll