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Call of Duty Elite Founder Problem

I have read a few things on this but I'm still confused. I am trying to sign up / get access to Call of Duty Elite and when I get to the www.callofduty.com/founder page when I am done signing up I get a webpage error. Is this happening to anyone else? I did not get Elite when it was in the beta stage, so I don't want to lose out getting it now by not signing up in time. Thanks in advanced.

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    yeah the web site is down from the many of user that are trying to put thier codes in give it a few days and try it again...

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    Surely they should of anticipated such a demand, COD is the worlds most successful game franchise. :/

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    From all the sites that have looked at today, they all say that the ELITE  site was getting more people signing up then they anticipated. They are working on the problem and hope to have fixxed by next few days

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    im in the same boat as everybody else when trying to sign up, its been stressing me out for two days tyring to sort it out and there is no help out there. Im the only one out of my friends this is happening to, i just feel ive just wasted £90

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    Heres what ive seen so far... all taken from official twitter feeds / blogs...


    You will be a founder as long as you sign up for elite premium (eg redeem elite premium code from hardened edition or buy from xbl/psn) before 13th

    Founder status apparently takes at least 48 hours to be applied to your account after registering for premium, but with all the problems ongoing its expected to be longer.


    So if have a red skull by your name in elite now you should ( in time ) get converted to a green founder...


    The callofduty.com/founder website is only for people who receive their hardened edition after the 13th and therefore have not entered their elite premium code till after that date... then u can enter the code found on the founder card. The site will not be active till that date as it is not needed yet!!

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    I'm changing my settings to family then editing that so it will let me get Elite (it says I'm to young) so after that should download Elite I have an account for Elite (because I'm posting this) but I don't understand: 1. The Founder card, the code on the back, what do you do with it? 2. I put in the download code thingy on the Redeem Code so now what should I do I feel like my head's going to explode!

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    Does anyone know how/when you get the founders camo? or the title? I`ve already registered my H.E and didn`t get anything :-\

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    everybody, always, underestimated how many people are going to be using it. So stupid.

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    I activated my premium membership the second I opened my Hardend edition, and I created my account at the same time so I should recieve my founder status. But every time I go to call of duty elite I can't even see if I have any skulls at all due to this constant waiting room stuff. I just want what I've paid for as well as the founder status I deserve.. So if anyone finds out anything more about this I would love to know.   And for those who are having the same problems as I am, I suggest you keep your confirmation emails.

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