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First Impressions.

Okay go my copy this morning and played with Grom and the boys for a couple a hours. Here is what I noticed:


The  graphics are spectacular for the wii. I mean soimeone really put some work in making things look good.

It took me about 30 minutes of Grom shooting me to get my control settings dialed in (still needs a little work). Just noticed things are a bit different than my BO settings.

I miss my dolphin dive, drop shooting is much more difficult.


Overall I love the game, it is definately a step forward for the wii (unlike MWR which always felt to me like a step backwards).


Our first match we believe we may have gotten into a hacked lobby as there was some shady sh!t going down. Getting shot across map and through walls with a friggin shotgun. No proof as it may have been a glitch or something else but it was definately shady.