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your thoughts on MW3 first day?

Please, if you are going to reply to this thread do not be the guy to just say this game sucks, i want your opinion, but give reason and detail to it.  Thank You



1) Killstreaks - Love and hate them.  Support is to easy and assault has no good Killstreaks.  Support, i feel a lot of the Killstreaks put in no one uses, i used first token on Balistic vest, get atleast 2 a game when using support and not one person has picked it up yet, pointless for the average gamer, which most of us are. assault nothing new and crazy same stuff just different  kills to get them.  Only saying to so others can put their input on other ones.


2) Guns - Love them they are awesome looking and seem very equal.  I read a thread earlier someone complaining about teh Scar being OP and u get it earlier and AK is way better and sucks and u get it at hihger lvl. Just want to say does not matter the skill of the gun matters the skill of the player.  I killed people with pistols that are usinmg assault rifles from distance, just learn how to play and everything is balanced.  But i love is how they made pistol more stronger or atleast it feels that way, i can finally rely on my pistol when out of ammo, its wonderful.


3) Perks - so far so good but im only in teh mid 20's for rank so i have not seen full effect of all of them, but so far i am pretty happy.


4) Rocket Launchers - Dislike how the first rocket launcher u get only has one bullet and u need 2 to kill any air assault Killstreak, lol i have to hit it once and hope no one tries to kill it before i die so i can get the point towards Killstreak, that is annoying.  Only have the first one atm, so its sucks i cannot kill an attack helicopter in the air.


5) Maps - Kinda all small ( like nuketown and rust small, with just more allies, i know they are bigger than those maps, but just to give a picture to how small they feel) and mazy (spelling), but they are fun for now, i feel a disadvantage to snipers so far cause they are all smaller maps.  Nothing to really specify to where u are at in the map when playing with people everything looks the same in most maps. But for now they are good, i would recammend putting more maps the size of afgahn (spelling) back into the mix, perfect size map for all types of players.


6) Overview - I love the game it is fun and new from Black Ops, Yes it is similair to MW2, but **** that was a great game, so why should we complain.  Also, I LOVE YOU for gettign rid of second Chance, and the fixed scavanger to be more specific to what you can pick up. two improvment i see that are awesome!


Do not mind spelling or anything like that, who cares its a forum not a paper for school. Also i know they are pointstreaks instead of killstreaks, but im used to it and it sound better.

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    how many ppl do u think will read this wall of text?

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      lol you dont have to read i am interested in everyone opinion, i want to read your opinion, u do not have to read mine.


      Honestly you reply just to right that you could ahve atleast answered teh question lol

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        in case u havne't noticed, the server is a bit lagging right now

        we could really use less wall of text to jam the server even more

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        I think you just got told by a girl bro. Anyway's I love the game, I know joining a match right now is pretty difficult but all games are like this on the first couple of weeks. Once the new wears off, the game becomes more fun, Cuz I will know the maps by then, Lobby's don't lag as much or take to long to join, and I will have found the groove I want to be in to play well. Most people seem to want to ***** about how bad they think it is. You would think after buying like 5 cods they would realize by now they all play the way they don't like, but yet they still buy it. They buy it thinking well maybe this year it will be different.

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    Good summary, how has the lag been for you?




    The good


    I’m not going to lie I love this game. I was wrong. Never judge a book by its cover. It’s a superb game, I can say that after playing it all day long. Loads of gun on gun actions, fast paced (well I mainly played dom which was great), great maps allround, game looks good & guns kill when they should usually. Love the new killstreak setups & point steaks are simply brilliant. Assassin pro is so sweet, people are so blind / radar depended that It’s simply hilarious, they literally walk past you constantly. Guns are balanced decently btw all are just a bit to easy to use, I don’t want any noobs here saying quickdraw quickscoping is op, as it’s hilarious, knowing how the maps are designed and how much easier it is to get kills constantly with autos.


    The bad


    The free “little” commando lunge, really annoying especially if I already put bullets into the enemy.


    The ugly


    Lag while host, this is even worse than in blops, it’s so shocking and beyond annoying especially since I know some of the people I’m playing are literally living in my neighborhood from their names.


    The game can get very shocky and it’s too connection based atm. That & the constant “server connection lost Bullcrap & “out of memory,” that just drops you out of the game for whatever reason, always happens while having a great game with no lag naturally.


    This Must improve as I can’t be the only one experience this game ruining nonsense.


    I read someone a while back said it plays more like cod4.5 than mw2.5 & that’s so true, Superb game with some big issues, I'm hoping get a lot better.

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    I love the connection.  hell 1 bar feels like BO 3 bar. lol

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      NO connection issues for me. Guns sound a lot better, more of a click noise to them , thats good to hear, People complain about killstreaks, well yes i love and hate them, but there's really nothign overpowering. Maps i dont know how you could say are small.... they're quite big if you ask me compared to what we had in MW2... Having a little trouble knifing right now, they might have to nerf it a little bit.


      Weapons are ok. I love the M4A1 with the new reticles and look. They looked a lot fatter in MW2 now they look closer to the cod 4 model Imho. Kill Confirmed is f'ing amazing. I'll never play TD again, KC is where it's at for me now. Survival haven't checked out yet, I beat campaign last night and it's gorgeous. A little longer than MW2 was it? Seemed it to me... Cut scenes and stuff like that were just flawless, especially the ending... (which i won't spoil for anyone in case they haven't played it yet).


      Overall I think this is shaping up to be the best MW game yet. I honestly see it being more balaned, and the teammwork I saw in Kill Confirmed is something you will not see in regular TD, jus't won't. I have to say, all the maps I like so far, with the exception of Bakaara. The map that I see being the hardest for me, or the map I suck balls at the moment on, is HardHat. Lots of turns and stuff, sharp corner. That map annoys the **** out of me for some reason. Maps I do love liek crazy are : SeaTown, Resistance, OutPost, Arkaden, InterChange, and I LOVE Mission.


      That's it for now from me haha. I think it's great, and yu can tell that theyreally polished tis engine as best they could. Looks like MW2, but plays and feels different to me. Lovin it so far. Sold BF this afternoon lol...

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    Good game is good. Ive been playing for the past two days (Aus release) and I experienced absolutely no lag the first day, since USA went live I have started experiencing more issues but that was to be expected. Whatever anyone sais, the game looks and performs 100x better than BO.


    Bro Im not hating or anything but PLEASE do not spell the "teh", I cannot for the life of me understand where this stupid phrase came from.

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      Hmmm .. Makes me think I should go back to Black Ops .. MW3 has lag issues, game connection issues .. And it isn't my PING (16mS is by far one of the best) .. I guess I'm the stupid one since I'm the one who actually spent the money on this game .. Oh wait a second, there is a light at the end of the tunnel .. If they don't get the Elite portion up and running by tomorrow morning, I'm calling my credit card company and having them reverse the charges and voila, I didn't spend a dime .. I purchased a product that doesn't work, gotta love that consumer protection guarantee .. I would have thought TreyArch had learnt their lesson the last time around .. Guess not ..

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    Overall, I like the game, LOVE the assault rifles.  Maps are great, besides a few which I think are too small and give campers a chance to...camp.  I have had no huge lag issues just every once in awhile I'll experience one.




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    Better than BlackOps release to me. Loving the guns, hit detection, connections [could be a better, but I think they'll sort it out], maps. point streaks are nice, being able to switch up when you want. Lovely game to me.