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Demanding Local Multiplayer Offline Unlock Update

Unlike most people i dont play call of duty games for the online play. I play with about 10 of my friends in a tiny room passing the 4 controllers around oldschool. Just because its more fun to have the people your playing with infront of you, then down a microphone. Black Op's was perfect they had finally got it right; all the weapons and perks were already unlocked. So everyone got the guns they wanted, the perks they wanted, and we could play silly things like "only ballistic knives." With this stupid game its worse then modern warfare 2, we only get 3 guns locally and we have to level local multiplayer offline.....wtf? You cant be serious. 3 sets of guns and they are all crap, that isnt fun to play. Its not even worth playing its depressing. So i really hope for, nope i am demanding an update that would just unlock everything for local so we dont have to go through all that bull just to get what we want, making the game fun instead of the current half assed thing we have. Hoping other people feel the same way.