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Any one else having difficulty joining friend's lobbies, matchmaking taking forever, and the game freezing when accepting invites?????

Here are the issues I'm experiencing.  Are you experiencing these and are there any that you are that are not listed here?


  • Cannot join friend's lobby unsolicited.  When trying to join a friend's lobby thru the in-game friends list an error appears stating (paraphrasing here) "lobby is full or is set to private".  In these instances I am given the option to join a friend via the in-game friends list, but the xbox guide friends list does not give the "join" option.  It's like the game says I can join, but the xbox says I can't.  There is no "party privacy" setting that I can find in game.


  • When accepting friend's game invites the game will freeze for several seconds, unfreeze, and then take an indefinite amount of time to join with the result (more often then not) being an error telling me "unable to join".  Last night it took me 20 minutes to join my friend's lobby after repeated attempts at accepting inivites and trying to join via the in-game friends list.  Finally, I was able to join after power cycling my Linksys router but that was into a "game in progress" and not the lobby.  I have an Open NAT with a wired connection and all my friends in the lobby had open NATs.  The overall UI navigation from lobby to lobby is herky-jerky (scientific term) at best.


  • Matchmaking is taking forever to find matches. This is probably server overload, but any feedback on this would be appreciated.


Once in a game I'm really enjoying it, besides for some balancing issues, but that is another discussion.