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This is the worst COD ever..

I've bought and played all Cod games since COD 2.. Cod 2 it was good, Cod 4 it was even better (because I like modern fps), cod 5.. it was good.. Cod: Mw2, it was ok for the time, COD: BO it was better than mw2, but I also didn't like many stuff.. COD: MW3 it’s the **** of them all.. So COD 4 it was the best game ever, and still is.. The realistic style and feeling of playing cod 4 is the best.. The realistic look of the weapons.. And I must say the better graphics than mw2 and mw3...



The Main Problems of this game (I mean “The Huge Problem” this game is):


-When I play mw3 multiplayer, I feel like I’m playing an edited counter strike..

-This game is even lighter than mw2 and cod4.. I really don’t know what they were trying to do.. But they failed miserably..

-The graphics are so outdated, that they even are worse that COD 4 Graphics..

-The weapon animations of reloading, switching, aiming and shooting are the worst I ever seen..

-The player who takes the first shot, Dies without any chance of thing to fire at his enemy, because he loses control of the weapon (a lot), in Black Ops I hated that, but in this one, I hate it 5 times over..

-The Field of View is too low.. I can see a player if I’m not even looking at him, and it doesn’t allow to change the “FOV”, not even on the config.. I fell sick with all those guns stuck on my nose..

-They said: "MW3 Will have dedicated servers", but what a **** they all are.. They only gave us Unranked servers, and to be able to see the servers we have to enable it in the settings.. WTF??

-The Multiplayer maps are too small and confusing..

-Games are too fast, maybe because of the above statement..

-Console.. We need console, Black Ops was great because of that.. And because we could change the “FOV”

-Every time I kill someone, I get killed from behind..

-They said: “This game will suit every play-style” Wrong, all they did was get the map full of routes, making a Run and kill play-style impossible.. Forcing people to camp, so that we wouldn’t die in a matter of no more than 10 sec..

-It takes forever to kill someone when I’m shooting at him, but when someone shoots at me I die a lot quicker.. (Yes, I’m hitting them) Maybe because of the huge ping we got..

-4 Ping bars in the score bar.. And not showing the ping numbers..

Example:  Every single player in the game has 3 or 4 green bars, not less.. Well, that doesn’t tell us anything.. If we go to the config, and change the amount of bars to 10 and The Ping interval to 20, in these commands in config_mp.cfg:


seta cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars "10"

seta cg_ScoresPing_Interval "20"


You guys will notice the huge ping you must have.. (And you will be able to see who is the host.. Which is the one with the biggest number of green bars)..

They didn’t put the Ping Numbers like COD4 and BO, because we would be scared of how huge they are..


-VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), So.. you guys will use that **** forever now?? In the first day of the game, there was already “Wallhacks”, “No-Recoil” and “Aimbots” running around this game.. And why is that? Because MW2 cheats only needed a simple modification to work with MW3.. And because “VAC” if it catches the cheater, it will only ban him in 2 months from now… And meanwhile, we have to stick to play with cheaters… (You want The game to use steam.. Sure.. But bring us back to Punkbuster (It’s not perfect, but at least bans in the second someone cheats…)!!!

-Same menu as MW2………… Only that says it all………




Well.. Resuming all that, The multiplayer is unplayable..

It’s not even fun to play, I only get angry (At all the bad stuff they did) when I play this ****..

MW3 is the worst Cod game ever..

When Activision heard of Battlefield 3, All they thought was: We need a MW3 game to compete with BF3..

That’s why they delayed COD: Future Warfare, and Began a MW3 game. And c/p almost the entire game from the previous ones..

And made it only in 7 Months..

Sledgehammer Games where the fail in all of this..

With their inexperience of FPS's..

And above all with their inexperience of Call of Duty Games, which have a unique gameplay feeling, and they ruined it with this ****..



I won’t ever ever feed Activision Wallet farm ever again..



The one thing they should do is fire every single one of them, and get everyone who made Call of Duty 4!!

So that they can make a real Call of Duty game….

I would be much happier if you guys made a Call of Duty 4 game again With all the same stuff, but with new maps. Or at least release new maps to cod4..….

Because with all those changes in the engine.. It just ruined it all..




“Please share and vote” on this site:http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3/user-reviews


If anyone know some other sites where they do reviews and user votes like that one.. please share it..xD


    Wow, your points are exactly what I think about the game/multiplayer.

    The multiplayer is such a ******* terrible joke, im so piss.

    I want a refund for this piece of **** game.


    You sound like an idiot who hasn't even played a single Call of Duty. Hell, I bet you haven't even played Modern Warfare 3.


    Anyone can tell that the graphics for Modern Warfare 3 are better than Call of Duty 4.


    Your unorginality in your post just shows how moronic and retarded you are.


    Congratulations, a-hole.


      I don't know about you, but game play is much more important then graphics…Sure you don't want complete crap graphics, but eye candy only goes so far.


      As for the OP not playing CoD because you disagree with what he has to say...I think he has played CoD before and this game is sure to go down as one of the WORST CoD games ever. You can call folks whatever you want, but I suspect the only people who think this game is great are people that are fairly new to CoD.


      The only thing I don't agree with the OP about is that CoD 4 was the best ever…I think CoD UO was the best and nothing has come close since. Each to their own at any rate….WW2 games are more for the older folks I guess.


      Also...There was no need for the name calling...Why get so personal about it? Did you make the game or something? Sheeeesh.....


      jasonzilla wrote:


      You sound like an idiot who hasn't even played a single Call of Duty. Hell, I bet you haven't even played Modern Warfare 3.


      Anyone can tell that the graphics for Modern Warfare 3 are better than Call of Duty 4.


      Your unorginality in your post just shows how moronic and retarded you are.


      Congratulations, a-hole.

      you just proved what a noob you are:


      every point he made was spot on except what the game of the century is...lol .. (I'm a COD2 man my self) but talking exclusively of MW, COD4 is the bomb.


      MW2 was the failed experiment; and they apparently learned nothing from it.


      I admit I fell for the "bone they thew us" DEDICATED SERVERS; but what I found is there was no meat on it.