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DHG - Die Hard Gamers (No Try Out, 3500+ Members)


Hello everyone,

My clan, Die Hard Gamers (DHG) is now recruiting new members.

We have around 4000 members acrossed 12+ games on the xbox 360.

We also host monthly tournaments where you could win yourself FREE microsoft points.

We organize the clan by a squad system, In the squad you are put in, there are ranks.

Each rank has different responsibilities and the higher rank you are, The more important you become to the clan.

You also do not have to try out for the clan, The only things you need are:

To be AT LEAST 16 (Can be older but not younger)

And a working microphone.

If you are interested in joining, Please post a comment below, or message me on Xbox at: DHG F4m0Us


Also, here is our clans website if you want to check it out!



Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!