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    This issue was in Lag Ops too. There was a multitude of post about it on the forums, so much so – the community manager (JD 2020) contributed to some of the post where he had taken the issue to the development team. He stated that there was nothing they could do and that there wasn’t a problem they could find. So I quit playing Lag ops as soon as I finished prestiging.


    Personally I see a bit of a difference in the way MW3 lags as compared to BOP’s lagged and the compensation. In BOPS the matchmaking was horrendous. I live in the south east US and every other match I would be put into lobbies where almost everyone was from Canada, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom. If I was the host I would get killed out of nowhere, only seeing the player who killed me on the kill cam. He was never there during game play. On the kill cam I was just standing there like a deer in the head lights.


    In MW3 it’s quite different. It’s the same crappy lag or lag comp experience but all the players are in the US. Some games I can kill the entire team with one clip of Scar but most of the time it takes my entire team shooting at an enemy while he’s walking through a claymore, 2 grenades and a rocket – he still manages to take out our entire team with one clip. And no he didn’t have on jug or the vest.


    As a developer I kind of understand both sides here. I understand how irritating it is to be playing the game and you’re bullets don’t work. It sucks and it shouldn’t be that way. But on the other hand I see the difficulty in recording pings for compensation, measuring latency and adjusting game messaging priorities trying to compensate for poor/great internet connections. In a game that renders 60 FPS imperfections are more obvious but when everything works it’s completely fluid and like nothing else out there.


    In the end I don’t think you’re going to see much change. Sure they can adjust matchmaking and tweak things here and there but I don’t see this issue ever being resolved for the game engines that drive COD. You’re best option is to adapt. Here are some things you can do:


    1. Learn to recognize the lag issue and make sure your internet and latency is not to blame. Having a fast connection with great up and down speeds doesn’t mean $hit if your ping times are high to the host, wherever he is on this planet. There is a guy around here on the forums, I think his name is MACCABI – he has post several post about how to make sure your router and connection are optimal. Check out those posts for guidance.

    2. Camping sucks, yes. But in a match where you’re clearly at the disadvantage due to lag or lag compensation, it’s the only thing you can do. Remember your enemy see’s you first and has the jump on you. Choose a load out that’s invisible to radar, UAV’s, etc...

    3. Make sure you are NOT moving while shooting. Since there is a delay in broadcasting your data to the server and everyone else, keep the same location and aim for the head.

    4. Depending on the type of lag you’re having, you might need to set up a class with rapid fire on it. Remember it’s the data that’s not making it to the host for whatever reason, with rapid fire you’re getting twice the amount of bullets sent out. If played correctly you can win the gun battle.

    5. If all else fails, leave the match and find another one. If you ever get into a good match, milk it! Stay in there as long as you can.




    Hope this helps someone…

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    But it could be someone else's data not get to the host quickly enough or the host not being able to distribute the data to all the clients.


    In other words the OP's connection could be alright, it could be someone else's....


    I think the system can't deal with a huge range of ping's and that was the same issue as Blk Op's.

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    It's because of people like you why we, with REAL broadband internet connections are getting punished.  Playing on a Sprint 3G connection.  I mean, come on.  Your high ping times, and yes they are VERY high, are giving you an advantage.  Get a real internet connection and you'll see what we're talking about.

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    5. If all else fails, leave the match and find another one.


    I'm not sure if pings are recorded for each game or only on starting the games Multi-Player. Hopefully they are tested for each game, it would make a huge difference in matchmaking. Even better would be a snapshot over a period of time, determining the quality of the players connection.

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    I don't think it measures pings and then handicap's, it all down to data arriving at the server within a certain time frame, if the data is not there it predict's what said player will do then updates the hitbox's when it has the information.


    All this happens in 1/100's of a second and should be barely noticable.

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    I agree with this post!

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    please fix the matchmaking, get rid of lag compensation, buff nades and shotties, and nerf bullet damage just a hair.

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    Typical first few days of an online game release.


    No biggie.

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    The lag compensation is essential, otherwise the host would have a massive advantage in every single game.

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    That is fine with me and 100% of all my friends.  If you have a good connection you should not get punished for a someone with a slow connection.

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