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Remove Latency Compensation!!!!


Another fail just like black ops punished for having a decent connection it's a f*cking joke if some people can't be bothered to get / can't afford decent connections thats tough sh*t on them i say why should i have to suffer for that fact??  Sick of being punished and made the host due to high pingers that sucks on it's own...then to be rubber band killed round corners and idiots outshooting me when i 100% see them first but if you look in there eyes your pointing 3 foot away from them and spamming thin air....all because i have 1 to 10 ping most days due buying a decent connection!!!   Black ops = pile of sh*te fail... this game soon to follow i am thinking by the looks of things  it's a shame really because it's good apart from that soooooooo..... REMOVE it please and stop adding it to games it's bloody stupid!   Oh and for all the immature 10 yr old fanboys with there moronic 80+ pings who want to reply saying "learn to aim noob i pwn etc"" all i have to say is.... most of you probably don't even understand what this post is about due to being a thicko go buy a decent connection you tw*ts your the reason people are moaning you don't "pwn" because your l337 it's because IW have fixed it so you will win over people like me almost every time due to your crap connection regardless of how good you think you are just to keep gimps like you happy and buying there products!!!

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