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How I resolve my ELITE problems


I started more than a week ago. Bought the Elite subscription and downloaded the app when I bought MW3 on the 8th at 12am. So since I tried to get in Elite app n Servers not responding or stuck in a loop accepting the terms. Got tired trying all day so try and researched it. Needed to play some multiplayer, slect Elite from the MW3 menu and nothing so I thought, this might be like Battlefield 3 and went online on a pc. First created an account foe COD or Activision. Then filled everything, profile 100% completed but when going to Elite In PC just shows like the ads abouy it or to go premium and sign up or logging. Same thing, took me to the ads page, So go bac to PS3 Elite and this time doesnt do the agreement stuff and go directly to a Bad Response, somethige about COD Elite services can comunicate with the app. And I can see in the background where im suppose to be, at the career, connect, Elite tv, etc. So close but not cigar all day in the 9th. So I continue troubleshooting while playing in between aggravations and same thing. I knew that as soon as I created an account and went to the app in PS3 and gave me a different message that it wasnt something about the servers. It was something in my part or the stupid instructions from Activision. So Last night  I thought, let me go to my Account Manager and check what I downloaded, so instead i went to PS store, the Elite tag and notice that the Elite app had the read little shoppin icon and not the 1 YEAR tag so I licked on it and said, GET IT Now, as soon as I clicked it and so the agreement an select continue that I dont remember doing this the night before. As soon i was done went to Elite app and the Elite page in     the PC Everything was working, and to think that they might be a lot of people with the same problem and it just a simple error by myself and PS3 and Activision, because wen I bought the 1year stuff was only one tag, so when it downloaded I thought that was it. But if u go back youll see another tag after u buy the 1 year that wasnt downloaded. PS3 could have put everything in 1 single step for the people that preorder because the app is for free. who knew, i thought i was paying for it in 1 single transaction. Or they could send u a message via email or ps3 message center reminding u to download the 1 year stuff. And Activision instead of using excuses of servers they could have put a message saying I CANT SEE THAT U HAVE BOUGHT THE SUBSCRIPTION. With that message i go back to the store and try redownloading it again and issue resolve. So in summary for people that preorder via psn:  1-download app and 1 year subscription, both are separate.  2- If u dont have an acount with COD or Activision, get online via pc and create one.  3-Make sure u link ur psn id with the COD account.   4- Go to ur pc in Elite site and make sure u have ur profile at 100%.   5- Also make sure u activate the account going to ur email and click the link from Infinity Ward to confirm ur email address.  6- go play some multiplayer, when done...   7- Select Elite from the MW3 multiplayer menu.  8- and everything should be working either on the pc or in the ps3 elite app. u should get the connect, compete, elite tv, etc page if not something is wrong but thats how i resolved my issue. Now going to reolve the founder stat. Good Luck, u will need it.