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Why is there no ISRAEL flag in callsigns? For Your ATTENTION

I speak for myself and many Israelis that play cod mw3.


We can not seem to understand for what reason we can not find ISRAELI flag in between so many flags.


We are certain that game creators including Infinity Ward are aware of the great poplarity the game has in Israel and we can not understand why unlike in Black Ops where there was an ISRAELI flag, in MW3 there is non to find.


It is kind of redicilous knowing how many Israeli weapons are used in the game and no one thought to put in our country's flag in callsigns option.


We are sure that the reasons are not coming from any negative antisematic reasons but it still is important to bring this flag issue to your notice.


From here i call out game creators to insert ISRAEL flag in the callsign options, as we are signing a big petition we want to send over as well.


Please give this post your full attention as we just want to play and be counted in MW as well like we were in BLACK OPS.