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[RoG] Revolution of Gaming: Xbox Live Clan 4000+ members now recruiting!


We are an experienced Xbox Live Clan that has been around since 2008. A clan that will not fall apart but will get stronger as time goes on. Here's a quote from our founder RoG Viper RV: "Revolution of Gaming is a large gaming community that was started in 2008. A community built by gamers, for gamers who have a passion for playing videogames as a fun social activity. All built around a structure that is fit for never ending growth and to create social experiences that inspire action. A new member has the option to participate in the 'military like' rank structure.


Not required, you can still join and just game as a gamer. The ranks give our community a simple, but enjoyable community experience. Members can socialize and participate in our community forums, weekly events, competitive teams on Gamebattles and our thriving online community on Xbox LIVE". We are an Xbox Live clan that would like to participate in all to the major upcoming Xbox 360 FPS shooters. Right now we are playing games such as Modern Warfare 2, MW3, With a growing array of members and a phoenomenal group of Xbox Live members, we've become one of the top Xbox Live clans around. 4000 members strong and counting. Over 200,000 posts on the forums, and ranked 200,000 on Alexa. Very impressive.


Current games:


- ModernWarfare2


- Modern Warfare 3


Why play these games alone? Why not ban together with a group of gamers that you will know and play together with? Why not play all the best titles out there with people you know? This is a great opportunity to get to know and have fun with a group of gamers outside your hometown.

If you would like to join our website is




And please put SuperPro69 as your referrer. And join the Eternity brigade if you want. Please watch our YouTube video as well