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If Black Ops had Offline Split-Screen Bots Patched in..., Then Why Not on MW3?

Black Ops was released with Split-Screen, but it had no bots like in combat training. Combat traing you had to be online to use the bots, which had a backlash by the community when PSN went down, and by people who had no internet connection. Treyarch then patched in offline bots into Split-Screen on Black Ops.


So...can IW do the same with MW3? I hope so, it would be like combat training because you have your own profile to rank up that is saved the HDD like in MW2. Patch in offline bots to that and that would be kick ass. It would give players the option to play while the bugs in MP get worked and patched out.


Anyway, I think it's safe to say that it's possible, but it's up to the demand of the community for the feature to get IW/SH to patch it in.


What do you think?