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Sledgehammer, PLEASE read this post and take its message into concideration.


I have been playing Call of Duty for over five years. I am highest prestige in CoD4 - Black ops. I've even won a MW2 FFA Tournament so trust me when I say something is up with this game. I don't know what you did or what this "Lag compensation" bull is but I do know that I am being killed by people that I CLEARLY shot first. I have a perfect connection (and shouldn't be punished for it) and have never had this problem in any other COD game I've owned. Do NOT tell me this is in my head because I KNOW something isn't right. After playing for this long you can simply feel that something is different. I'm honestly not the type that complains and whines but this is honestly frustrating as all hell. I don't know what is going on but please fix it. Other than this, thanks for a great game.


Also: Anyone else in the community who may know what is going on please feel free to comment or help explain this to me.