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Pro Perk Challenges

Does anyone know how to get the pro version of the perks?  It's not as easy to find that info as it was in BLOPS or MW2.


Like for SoH, it has challenges for getting a # of kills and I did the first two (30+) but its not showing what the necessary requirements are.

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    Go tot he perk and you will see challanges on the bottom of the screen. Complete chanllanges you get pro perk. It happens pretty quick by just using the perk. Like stead aim you need x number of hip fire kills. Hard line call in streaks. Quickfire get kills shortly after looking down sights.

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    So no one has paid enough attention to getting the pro versions that this can be answered, or am I looking at the wrong challenge sets?

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    I just played with the perks until I get them pro, but I think SoH is 120 kills. that's really easy to get, just a few games... just use them (or even better, use the specialist strike package, working on all pro perks at the same time =D ) until you completed 3 of the challenges, then you can see how many you need for it to be pro (because IV gives you pro version)