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please add fov to 80 and maxfps change

as above two very important things in cod thanks should take all of a minute a please millions

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    They just wont. Period

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    Dear PC community


                   We are aware of the issues regarding your "FOV and MaxFPS" we are not sure what they are or what they pertain to, you must understand that we no longer use PC's in our game development and as such we have no idea what your talking.


    You also have to remember that you have no choice but to buy from us anyway, we are always sure to have/keep your money as you can;t trade/sell your purchase, we have given this priveldge to the console gamer's who need us to hold thier hand and care for them like babies.


    We don't care about you anymore because we don't want you making mods/maps that outshine our own development team, we have gotten lazy and fat, much like gabe newel.


    Enjoy your new cons.......... PC game.


    Your's sincerly




    Laughing all the way to the bank