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Healthy feedback from a player.

Don't care if they read it or not, I'm giving them my feedback on the game. It might be a long read for some, but I'm not going to be talking just about a single aspect of the game, so no tl;dr version. I'm going to be comparing the game to it's direct predecessor; Modern Warfare 2 and I'm going to completely ignore Black Ops, as I'm not interest in Call of Duty as whole, I'm only interested in the Modern Warfare sub-series (which is pretty much the reason Call of Duty is what it is).

I know (or think) they're doing lots of changes as we speak, since the game is only a few days old. But I think it's actually for the best to leave feedback at this moment. I'm also going to refrain from ranting about the Local Only matchmaking for every single country in Europe, as I'm sure they're working on it, although they seem to completely ignore our questions about this (before someone starts yapping, it has NOTHING to do with US players, it's strictly Europe related)


Stopping power?

Now in MW2, we had the stopping power perk. In my opinion, they either should not have remove it, or they shouldn't boost up the default damage (at least not to full stopping power dmg). Of course, nearly everyone was using it in MW2, but tier 2 perk was always completely redefining the class. Not to mention that in MW3, pretty much the only way to go is the assassin perk, because people just keep calling in 294712 UAVs per minute. This is directly related to the second thing I want to talk about...



The high damage is simply an irremovable part of the game and I like it. But in combo with the lag compensation, it makes this game very random and removes pretty much every other skill gap you guys didn't remove. Why the hell should I be punished for having better connection? In fact, being under lag compensation is worse than suffering from a lag. That is a fact many players will agree to (except maybe for snipers, who only need to score a single hit). Not to mention that when I see four green bars next to my name, I expect to the game to lag-free, not to be waiting ten seconds for the hits to count.


Enemy UAV spotted - Watch your six, enemy UAV spoted - Our UAV is online - Enemy UAV spotted - Our UAV is online - Enemy UAV online

Yes, you know what I'm getting at. I'll keep this one short. There are three strike packages and two of them have UAV. One of them has them has to lose this killstreak for the reason I've already mentioned above. Some features of the game have to be changed depending on the way people use them. This is one of those.



Now, there is nothing wrong with the maps. They're all excellent example of CQC maps. The problem is, that ALL base maps are 90% CQC, 8% mid-range combat and 2% long-range combat (numbers are made up, don't even think about going smart-ass on me). Why have sniper-rifles then? Why use LMGs? Versatility of ARs has no practical use here, since SMGs will do the job in every single map. It's even more saddening, when you realize there is 16 base maps (which is a really nice number for today's standards btw).



Ok, now disregarding the weapon proficiencies and the new unlock system (which are both great), the entire weapon segment is a huge step back from MW2.

First thing you notice; all guns sound pretty much the same. In MW2 you could tell what weapon is someone using just by the sound of it. Gun sounds are arguably the most important sound effects in the game! Why not give it a bit more work? Or at least, use some of the sounds from MW2 (it would still beat using these sounds and even I could run a few modifications on them after which nobody could tell they're MW2 gun sounds. Don't tell me you couldn't do any better.)

Second thing you notice; there isn't really that much difference between individual weapons, as was in MW2. Every single weapon felt kinda unique, even if it was statistically similar to another weapon.

The only thing I admire here is, that you finally realized that logically if I have three extended magazines I'm going to be able to carry more ammunition. Attachments haven't moved anywhere except for a few additions and tweaks.


Removing skill gaps

I understand you're running busyness here and as the best selling FPS, you need to satisfy many less skilled players. But sometimes, it seems a bit too much. The game was nearly skill-free since the first MW and there were only few weapons that really gave skilled players some advantage. ( in MW2 - TAR-21, LSW, FAL etc.) There are close to no weapons like this in MW3. Weapons that provide great DPS at the cost of hight recoil, or need of a good trigger finger (for the FAL). Or at least weapons like FN2000, which was hard to use, really weak, but so much fun to own noobs with.

Why can't we have these weapons? .

When I get killed by a noob-tube, why does it show I was killed by a gun? It will NOT make us hate on noob-tubers any less.

Why don't you finally implement a camping penalization into TDM, FFA and possibly some other gametypes.  (don't even try to tell me that's what we have kill confirmed for, it's a gametype, not a solid part of the gameplay).

From one of your claims, it seemed that melee range was decreased. But from what I've seen, it actually seems it was increased. Commando was never an issue. The issue was it was a tier 3 perk. It should have been a tier 1 perk.


I may add more feedback as I progress further in the MP. At this point, I have nothing more to say other than that I'm having lots of fun in the MP (as long as I'm not being punished for my opponent having a bad connection).


Have a good day.