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Nothing to hate about CoD MW3 all you complainers please stop and read, i will help you

First off MW3 is a great game it has its down falls but if you are good you can beat anything.


  1. QS - learn to beat it and stop ********, maps are small enough where you can out beat any sniper.
  2. unbalanced guns HHAHAH they are not just learn how to use the gun and it will be good. for example, i suck with burst fire so i dont use it, does not mean it sucks just means i suck with it.  maybe that falls for you too.
  3. Lag, yeah it is laggy but give it a week of being out, what do you expect the most played FPS is gunna be like the first week of release date.
  4. Maps are small, yes they are but change you style for the map, if you do not like close quarter combat stay on the outskirt, if you than get in the mix.
  5. yea you die fast, but than again so does everyone else so guess what it is fair.


They are many more of you complainers out there but **** get the point yet, either learn how to play or just chage your style of play to be good.


Im not the best but, I can adapt which makes me better than most.


If you ahve complaints put them here i will be more than happy to tell you what to change!