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HUGE Multiplayer Problem

I have seven classes in Modern Warfare 3, thanks to the 2 prestige tokens form Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops, but when ever I play with a guest or even my brother on his own profile, I can only access my 5 primary classes in-game. I can edit them in a pre-game lobby to the limit, but custom 6 and 7 are nowhere to be found in-game. I looked if they replaced the default, nothing. Does anyone else have this problem? I have wasted two prestige tokens and have no access to 30%(28% same dif) of my classes. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer need to pay attention to the dual multiplayer online, as I also cannot find the challenges for perks, killstreaks, or even the daily challenges when my brother is signed in. Please can anyone explain this and Infinity Ward fix these extremely annoying problems?