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Are you TRYING to keep me playing MW2?

I rarely start a complaining thread when it comes to COD, actually I think this is my first, but IW/Activision, are you trying to keep mw on MW2? Cause if MW3 keeps up like this I'll wind up there AGAIN! Where do I even start?


Lag- I know it's early, which is why I won't spend too much time complaining about it, but it feels JUST like Black Ops. I tunred off theater mode the second I put the game in because I didn't want anything to be messing with my connection, but it's still going on. Put 5 bullets into a guy, get 5 hitmarkers, guy turns around and sprays me down in a tenth of a second. In the killcam he's shooting at me for a good full second. This, right here, is why I stopped playing Black Ops, and if it keeps up, is why I'll stop playing MW3. Oh, and I know it's not my internet, because I don't have this problem on COD4, W@W, or MW2. That connectivity patch I've been hearing about better do wonders.


Maps- This, however, really pissed me off. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? I know, I know, you guys even stated that you were going to make more CQ maps and stray away from Fuel type maps, but these maps just SUCK! They're all way to small and have no depth, no memorable spots! I know it's early and I still have to learn them, but none of them stick out in my memory. They all just blend together. What happened to the maps like Terminal? Oh yea, everyone loved Terminal. It was a well layered, thought out map. You had the plane, the long hallway, the back by burgertown, the outside, hell why am I even describing it, you all know what I mean, you all know the map. If Terminal was a MW3 map it would just be the outside and the long hallway. Now doesn't that seem boring? Well that's because it IS! Instead of having gunfights happening in 4 seperate areas, they're all happeneing in one spot because the maps are so damn small. I'm a soley Domination and Search player, and these maps totally ruin both game modes. I can't move 10 feet from the spawn in search without getting flashed/stunned, and the spawns in domination are even more messed up because when it's 2 flags to 1, the team with 1 will just get spawn trapped because they've got nowhere else to put them. There'd better be some better maps in the DLCs, or at least a MW2 map pack


Shotguns and Quickscoping: Honestly, why are shotguns in the game? Again, just like Black Ops; they have a 5 foot range. I though this wouldn't be too bad as seeing how the maps are all small, but the HITMARKERS... what the hell? Shotguns are outclassed by snipers in every way due to the fact that snipers can OHK from all ranges and do it more consistent that shotties do. I'll admit I havn't unlocked the model yet, but from using it in survival mode, it doesn't look like that much of an improvment. This wouldn't bug me that much except for the fact that snipers do a much better job at CQ than the guns that are MADE for it. Balance? AHA, yea right.


Again, JUST LIKE BLACK OPS, the only good thing about this game so far is the campaign and Survival mode. If the lag doesn't get fixed, I'll be back on MW2 again. Even though it has commando and OMA/DC toobing, it at least has well thought out and designed maps and the best connection in all the COD games.


/end rant