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Spec Ops

I'm sorry I'm so lazy & if I could pry my kids away from the game I'd explore it myself but the Wii (because we have 8 & 11 yr old boys) is the only system we have & I don't remember a Spec Ops mode in the other games (we've had them all & the entire family, wife included unfortunatly, seriously enjoys them) so can someone briefly give me the skinny on what Spec Ops is & how it plays or works.


Thanks Fellow MW3ers! Keep on killin!

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    Similar to Zombies from Black Ops


    You have to survive wave after wave of enemies and helicopters and dogs. It gets harder each round. You level up, unlocking more guns and perks. It's fun.

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    Well i dont know if you ever played zombies in black ops.

    You start in a map with another player (that helps you) or alone.

    You need to kill enemies for points (kind of money) from the points you buy weapons, other soldiers that helps you.. airstrikes and more. The waves of enemies depends on the difficulty


    lvl 4.

    Those are the easiest

    dogs will try to bite you

    soldiers will shoot you with shotguns

    and the hardest : the juggernauts

    Theses are enemy soldiers with extremely strong armor they walk slow but they have much health.


    when your level 8 you unlock 4 maps with a higher difficulty

    If you want to proceed to the next wave (type of enemies) you need to kill all the enemies.


    Well i hope this helped


    by the way

    A headset is reconmended so you can talk with your online helper.

    Good luck and have a good time in mw3



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        Im gonna add you i hope i can help you with mroe things (if needed) im dutch so dont mind my accent (a little like russian)


        well when i can i will add you