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MW2 Maps are better!!

First off, let me say that I have over 57, yes you read correctly, 57 DAYS of online play on MW2.  I love all the MW2 maps with the exception of Rust, Highrise, and Scrapyard.  Too many grenade launchers in those maps for me.  Out of the 26 playable maps, those are the only 3 that I didn't like.  All of the MW3 maps are horrible in my opinion.  The maps in MW2 had better flow.  There were areas you could get to that gave you an advantage, i.e. the boat house roof in Estate, the top of the building in Terminal, the top of the building in Kirachi, etc...You can't climb on half of the items in MW3 maps.  Exploring a map and finding areas in private matches on new maps made it exciting and fun.  Plus, if things got too heated up in a match, you knew of a couple of areas that you could get to, catch your breath, and get back into the action.  This isn't an option in the MW3 maps.  There is ALWAYS 3 or 10 ways to get into a house, shack, etc.  I hope that IW considers releasing ALL of the MW1 and MW2 maps to play with in this game.  I hate to think that they won't do this.  Do you think the MW2 maps were better?  I'm curious as to what the rest of the community thinks.

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    Robert Bowling has stated SEVERAL times that MW3 isn't about power positions. You can't post up in a building with a claymore and get a 30 k/d. It's about the "gun on gun gameplay", hence the multiple routes to every location and the fact that no one really camps like they did in MW2.


    The maps were designed this way. MW2 was a pathetic camp fest. MW3 is different.

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    I agree, and in my opinion the maps on MW3 are too small with far too many buildings which wouldnt bother me if it was only 1 or 2 maps but its all of them which just makes everything a massacre which isnt really that fun and there isnt really much opportunites for using sniper...which is just my own opinion. I think some of the MW2 maps were better but thats to be expected.