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PS3 laggy, picks crap host, 100ms+ ping games, 1 sec behind.!! Wow, xbox good!!

What the hell folks, this game is so broken on the PS3 it's not even funny!!


The only fair and decient games I've had are in the extremely rare 50ms ping lobbies. I've had 2 off these today, it just seems as though it searches breifly, then gives up, when it finds a game in the 75ms lobbies its always awaiting other players and craps out after 11seconds. 100ms lobbies are laggy with crap hosts and unfair match making.


I also thought this game was locked at 60fps? Doesnt seem like it.


Finally my son has this on the xbox.... Wow the difference is night and day. Theres 50ms ping lobbies in nearly every game mode.. Tons off them!! It plays fair and runs so smooth. I've not had a crap game on that system yet.


Please fix this game, I enjoy playing on the ps3 as that's the system my friends have... I don't want to be a loner on the xbox!!!