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[Ps3] Trickshots / Quick scope Clan

Welcome to Sniper's Legion! Snipers with style.

This clan is very new and only has 6 members atm, we are all determined to make the clan bigger and better.

Currently we only have 1 person who can upload with a PVR and 2 with a dazzle (not recommened)


Clan Tag: SnL


Requirements / Rules:


1. Can land a basic trick shot in a private match

2. Must snipe when playing with the clan

3. Must wear the clan tag

4. Must have a mic or will buy a mic within 2 weeks of joining!!!


TrickShoting begginers are welcome to join, but will not play public matches as much with the clan.


My PSN: Sniperbrob

Add me and message me for a tryout


Try out scedule (probably spelled that wrong)

Sat. November 12th - 6:30 PM (EST) - 9:00 PM

Sun. November 13th - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

Wed. November 16th - 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Any other try out dates are TBD.

I can except tryouts at other times if you cant attend try out dates


If you want to join add me and post here. I'll be on tonight at 6:30 to start try outs