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No "Camping" or Sniper Support on MW3 Multiplayer-Maps!!!

First, I'd like to point out that I've been enjoying the new "Kill Confirmed" Mode and was playing it almost non-stop for 6-hours yesterday. That said, I'm disappointed that there aren't any easily defensible locations on any of the maps... almost every building or location has multiple paths to get there.


One of the reasons I bought MW3 was because the advertising said that they had made an effort to cater to different play-styles this time around. Sure it's fun to Run-and-Gun, but sometimes after playing for a few hours, you may want to take a breather and slow down the frantic-pace somewhat. For instance, you could (if there were decent places to go) switch to become a Sniper and lay-up somewhere that has only one entrance, picking off anyone who approaches your nest. As things are now, even in teams, it's still mostly "every man for himself" so you can't depend on your team-mates to stay and watch all the other entrances, so you get suprised too often!


I'd love to see more maps with bridges and choke-points that have lots of places you can go to to overwatch those areas. I remember playing a Delta-Force Game, where there were many high-rise buildings where you could gain access to the rooftops with countless ledges everywhere... ie. Sniper Paradise! MW3 only gives you a few windows to shoot out of, which only cover a small portion of the map. Another idea would be to have a lake in the middle, with a town to the north and south and lots of hidden vantage points. There should also be lots of hills or swampy/Jungle-areas to the east and west of the lake providing plenty of cover. Imagine taking long-shots across the lake at enemies on the opposite side. If programming permits, you could even have a small ferry (with shielded decks) that makes a regular-circuit of the lake, stopping for a minute or so at each town. Whichever team controls the boat could travel around until they were picked off one by one, or it was stormed by the other team while in a port.


Please Activision, consider players like us Campers & Snipers more, when designing future maps or updating the current ones. Sometimes you don't get time to take a breath, after spawning, before someone who's rushing around the map catches you by suprise and takes you out! More places that have only one entrance would be welcome... as would access to the roofs of buildings in current maps (maybe by adding ladders or fire-escapes).


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