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[XBOX] DÆTH Clan. Founder (since WAW) looking to recruit new members!

I[olegnoleg Live tag] originally co-founded this with my army buddy when we were on WAW and have been using it ever since(when it lets me input characters!) and our buddies will all use this when playing with us. We're nothing huge or crazy like some of these things, but it is nice to have a smaller group you can have complete confidence in. All those we have befriended over live using this clan tag and invited to join, or guest-play in ours anytime if they were already members of another clan (its easier to remember somebodys gamertag in a smaller clan) have been as good if not better than us on our best day. Have had TOP RANKED players from all games join us from time to time, the british kids(you know who i mean!), and even some devs! Don't go by my current stats-I just left the Army and haven't had lots of time to play and keep my skills up, but I should turn those numbers around soon! Due to my service, I prefer Vets and not just ****-talkers who have never seen ****, but we are open to all SKILLED PLAYERS who can hold their own and want to WIN! *BONUS* KID FREE CLAN: MINORS PLZ REFRAIN FROM ASKING ME QUESTIONS I WILL NOT ADD YOU!   



Adults: feel free to reply, comment or message me[olegnoleg] if there's anything I left out or forgot, or with any/all membership requests and questions!


same as my other post, just marked this one as a question; didn't know which was the better option, so I just went with both. sorry if i confused you!