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**Buff Shotguns**

If shotguns are going to be primaries they're gonna need a damage increase, and maybe a range increase.


Also, the AA-12 runs out of ammo after about 6-8 kills, so that may need an ammo increase.


Does anyone else agree? If you don't agree, tell us why.

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    It just blows my mind how IW reasoned that shotguns should be moved to primaries AND nerfed way down.


    Actually I think the AA12 is the only shotty that's remotely close to what it should be.


    However, every other shotgun is terrible outside of knifing range. Even in knifing range you have to aim perfectly centered on the target to get a ohk.


    IMO the best way to balance shotguns is to increase their range because I like requiring some skill to kill someone with it. Also probably increase the damage a bit.

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    I think the shotguns are pretty good the way they are. I'm not having an issue with the damage not being enough and I haven't even used one enough to unlock the damage proficiency. Try avoiding the more open areas on the maps when using a shotty. If they beef up the shotguns IMO it is going to unbalance the game.

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      Ive been using shotguns in every since cod since cod 4, this is my opinion on how they are currently.


      1887, utter garbage, ALLOT of hitmarkers, take's a while between shot's.


      KSG? Not even wurth describing


      AA12? Half-Entire clip up close to kill someone? Yeah, no thanks


      Spas 12 Do-able, most of the time i get hitmarkers from upclose in the chest but sometime's it actually 1 hit's from quite a distance, you have to be lucky.


      Saga 12 or w/e it's called, dont like it, shoot's to slow no range and barely any damage


      Striker, i find this one godly tbh pop on a mp9 as a secondairy for mid/long range combat and switch over to the striker for close quarters, played FFA earlier went 30-10 ish about 10 game's in a row using the striker/mp9

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        Actually, according to Elite the USAS-12 has the highest damage output of any shotgun. (This doesn't take into account that the Striker fires much faster above its intended use)


        It also fires pretty fast.. at 100 RPM, and constantly lands one shot kills even without range or damage because the bullet spread is much better than any other shotgun.


        I used the Spas-12 all last prestege, but I'm really starting to like the USAS.




        Thats a glitch, and is being patched as we speak




        You obviously don't know how to use a striker... you don't haven have to have 10% of your aim on them.. just pull the trigger as fast as you can. Its OP compared to the rest, but should by no means be a role model for how other shotguns should be...


        Also, Id love to see the akimbo'd Model 1887 come back.




        Shotgun's cant even win against a SMG. They made the SMG's in this game have no recoil and be able to kill in like 200ms. Shotguns kill almost instantly, but I've had issues with other plays having **** connection and i've gotten my ass wooped in what would of been my kill.

        Buffs wouldn't make them OP, just usable.


        To OP:


        AA-12's are perfectly balanced. If you want more mags, get extended mags. I'd hate to see another MW2 repeat.

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      You must play against complete noobs then.


      Why not use an AR? They kill within a shotgun's range almost as fast and infinitely faster at all other ranges. Snipers can quickscope so shotguns should be given a chance at mid range...IMO

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    Here is my 2 cents on using shotguns in cod..First a shotgun with an 16" to 18" barrel using 00 buck is going to have an effective range of around 25 yards.  And even at that distance always going to toss a pellet or two off the target unless gun is completely clean or has modified/choked barrel and in that case the spread well be reduced at closer enagagements.  Shotguns are used for close combat or breaching not long range unless you toss in a slug.  More rounds? How many are you statring with the real AA-12 has an 8 round mag.  And jusr fyi I have put about 10000 rounds of 00 through my issued 870.  Love the gun but always pull my M4 first.

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    It would also be great if they brought back the Akimbo attachment for the Model 1887.

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    The shotguns just need more range. My 12 gauge turkey gun has a red dot scope and is sighted in at 35 yard and I have taken birds at that range. Now with buckshot like used in this game, we should be able to see kills at 20 yards or so.

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    I've seen hardly any people using shotguns, how many more people like the idea of a "buff"?

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    The automatic and semi auto seem okay because you have follow up shots to finish the job quickly.  But the 1887 and the spas are not very good in their current state.  Even with the damage proficiency on my spas I get hitmarkers because even if I were to get every pellet on the guy at max range the total damage would only be 56.  I haven't unlocked the 1887 but I did tests with it off line and with damage and steady aim on you still don't get consistent kills from longer than 25-30 ft.  I think the damage per pellet on the spas should be 40close-20max range with the damage proficiency on.  That is the same as the spas in mw2 without stopping power and no one was really complaining about it then.  Based on that the 1887 should either have higher damage than that, or equal damage and more range to compensate for its slower rate of fire.  And the hip fire spread on them could be smaller without steady aim.  you shouldn't be forced to use any perk to make a weapon effective.  The spreads on the spas and 1887 were too inconsistent to compensate for their lack of damage.

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    Even the Striker, the only shotgun I use, is kinda underpowered.


    I've put 3 shots into someones head from less than 10ft away, only to be shot twice and killed by the enemy.

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    100% support

    It amazes me how I shoot someone almost point blank and getting hitmarkers.

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    every shotgun should be knife distance, there shotguns.

    there too op, they dont need a buff they need a nerf.

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    The striker is amazing
    shotguns are great, the only gun i use is the striker
    i also agree with the MP9, it whales
    MP9 and striker is amazing!

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    Buff nerf? So many want both I say leave em be.

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    I've done a ton of work with the 1887 (about half way through level 30).   At first I though the gun was absolute trash but now I love it.   Damage preficiency really cuts down on the hitmarkers but doesn't eliminate them completely. 


    best tips I can give:


    Stay inside as much as possible and of course stay out of the long sight lines.

    Don't try to use the 1887 on a bad connection. 

    Use Assassin and Dead Silence,  most people seem to think if they can't see you on the mini map then you aren't there. 

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    shotguns are fine once you level them up


    btw everything runs out of ammo after about 6 kills -.-

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    Not having fun trying to rank up the spas because it seems like every kill takes two shots. I hope the increase the power just a little on them.

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    No...because I like having to shoot someone three times with a shotgun to kill them.

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    No...because I like having to shoot someone three times with a shotgun to kill them.

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    Yeah, all shot es minus the striker need to be buffed because there is no reason to use them when you can just use akimbo machine pistols, and they're secondaries too!? Makes overkill useless.

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    I think most of the problem that we experience when using shotguns is just that even a tiny flaw in hit detection or lag can completely ruin our chance for a quick kill, while the moron who's spraying an automatic can spam shots only vaguely towards you and make kills just as fast either way.


    In a few games I was fortunate enough to have lag kept to a minimum and it was surreal how much of an improvement it was to shotgun lethality. All of the shotguns which only appeared to have favorable stats on paper were suddenly just as effective in reality. The only thing that's separating the two is the hit detection.


    No coincidence that the most effective shotguns are the ones that can spray, and therefore avoid the risk that missing just one crucial shot will screw you over. All the same, I won't readily condone making the other shotguns more sprayable as a solution for this issue. Spraying is obnoxious, and even the shotguns shouldn't have to rely on it. No one should.

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      I agree.


      Shotguns should be a clean 1-shot kill, used to take out one target quickly and effectively.


      Not walk into a room, guns blazing, taking out 4 kids at 20 yards because hes got damage and extended mags on a gun with a 625 RPM firecap

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    yes the pumps/lever need a buff.  The stiker just needs a little more recoil and either 9 pellets standard and no extended mags or make "magnum ammo" an attachment that give you nine pellets so you can't use extended mags.  That will make people choose their shots and not just spam it.