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  • 40. Re: XM25 and xbox button clan tags

    That is true mate.


    Everyone see this as bad, but for my point of view is actually good. Using marksman perk, killing people with buttons si like their names scream "I AM HERE!!!"

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    I agree with you haha. It may look cool but it makes it so much easier to kill you

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    The Clan Tags were put in the game on purpose, the only thing there looking into is if there worth keeping.  There is ZERO modding done to add them, anyone can by putting in the A with an accent and another capital letter, backing out of clan tag screen, then going back in.  No keyboard, no mouse, no mods needed.  Its just some colors, it's not a big deal. 


    Also the XM25 sucks.  Period.


    This game has counters for everything, just expand your classes a bit and and play opposite people.  Turn on blast shield, turn on stealth, use a silencer, or snipe from afar.  Complaining about everything won't make you better.

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    They already have the money, if they bought the game. Decrease in profits = $0


    Face of angry person who gets banned for having modded clan tag = priceless

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    its a game and i want to have a fair game. i dont use XM25 in Real Life Tennis either

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    seriously LOL

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    I played around for a few round with the XM25 today (for pro-ing Recon) and its definately not that big of a deal that you are making it out to be. For people WITHOUT Blast shield you literally have to direct hit them to kill them in one shot. I even landed two non direct hits on the same player and didnt kill them.
    Admittedly I wasn't using it to its potential, I was just trying to Recon paint the enemy team. Thought I am sure that if you blast shield'ed up you would be making a mockery of the people who use them.


    As for the clan tags I wish people could atleast come up with something more original or humourous than BooB. Or maybe they are trying to say they are a boob.

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    If you have buttons in your name.. your getting an avoid and report for all the offenses available.

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    It's not modding files. It's not jtags. But you have to take extra steps to make it work. Therefore it is a glitch and you all that do it are exploiting said glitch.  If this was intended then all the people that sent messages to Activision about the buttons getting replies about reporting them wouldn't have said that in the first place. 


    It is not an Easter Egg.  Why do you guys keep saying that.  Activision says to report them. It makes no sense to put an Easter Egg into the game just for people to report. So that theory is out.  the only thing left is that it is a stupid glitch that you all exploit to get a stupid button instead of letters in your clan tag. You all are immature and just can't play by the rules. You should be punished for some degree for your idiocy.

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    report for exploiting....


    Computing Dictionary

    exploit definition


    A security hole or an instance of taking advantage of a security hole.