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    i agree too.  theyre all insanely close quarters and if there is a vantage point there is tid bits of coverer scattered around so you cant see.  i almost think the maps are designed against assault rifles.  the only maps i truely really like and want them to get voted for are village and mission.  maybe its because they have vantage points?  maybe its because they have general areas if fighting? 

         another thing i realy dont like about the maps is they have so many different routes players become scattered in gamemode like team death match.  they become so scattered you can generally have no idea where most of the enemies are. 

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    After about 30 hours of game play heres my thoughts.


    I also didn't like the maps too much to begin with, I felt like a rat in a maze looking for cheese. But then I started to see some cool things. Hardscoping Snipers in alot of levels. The problem is you dont get a vantage point of half the map.... But the one map that is a maze I saw a guy lying in the back and just picking off people. I couldn't believe it because I thought forsure you couldn't snipe or have enough room but their was pleanty for him.


    I think the way they made the maps is perfect. Lets say you are a sniper then there are definetly some sniping maps. But what happens when you go to Carbon?? Now you are going to be uncomfortable so you will have to ADAPT your playing style. If your a run and gunner then some maps will be perfect for you like DOME but other maps will be alot harder.


    Really we dont have many things to climb on but I think every map provides different ranges which will force the player to change guns or style based on the map. ALSO I believe these maps should work well in most game modes.


    YES the MW2 maps were amazing. But right now these maps are starting to grow on me, even if I feel like I don't like it map its only because I haven't hit my comfort level with it yet!

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    I agree with you on the MW2 maps, they were awsome for finding nice little breather spots etc but i dont agree with you on the MW3 maps, the reason is, its not the fact that the maps havent got good breather locations, its the fact that they have taken the option out that lets you get into those places, i walk up to a crate in MW3 and dont get the (X) prompt to climb, WTF's that all about, thats the issue, if that part was left in, you could climb on pretty much anything

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    Its really a matter of getting use to the maps, give it time. But this game is dif than MW2 and BOPS. All these games always start of with programming errors.

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    i personally love every map exept village and mission i just change the way i play on the different maps like in dome i use my P90 to run and gun with support and on resistance i control the power position with my ACR w/silencer and heartbeat. Now if your a camper these maps aren't rly for u

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    i agree with elite, wolfpack, and dlund. Im happy with the maps also. Im glad the dont have all the camper spots blops did and mw2 had. I dont have a problem with camping. Camping to me is where one repeatedly goes to one spot and stays there the whole time. Everyone has their gaming personality. For me it just depends on the map im on. Sometimes i snipe sometimes i use the assualt rifle. You just have to experment to see what works best for what maps.mw3 has all kinds of flank paths to balance this out. When i snipe i may be called a camper, i kill someone i move. Im in the same area, i know he will come back, and i know he knows where i last was. It would be dumb for me to stay there, but also dumb for him to come back to the same exact spot. I lay out in the open most of the time because no one is going to look there, and by that time there so pissed off they dont think. psychological warfare.

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    I don't think they suck, but they do seem to lack some personality. Outpost, dome and interchange are maps I like and they seem to stand out. But most are confusing masses of similar buildings.

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    i dont think the maps "suck", I do prefer some MW2 maps over some of these in MW3.  The only thing that really ticks me is the amount of camping that goes on .  I dont know if I am the only one but it seems every game I get killed average of 3-4 times just from #$*?ing campers.

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    The maps are pretty decent once you get to know them but as said by a few others..


    1. They lack things to climb on


    2. No chance of timeout without someone spawning on your ass.


    3. They are designed mainly for cqc so flanking and moving is difficult.


    4. Too many entrances to cover for a decent game so not much safety or cover from all angles or using killstreaks.


    Still I've hunted out some good flank spots and finding more as I get better so i think it's a matter of sticking with it and trying new things, you're usd to the old MW2 maps and your comfort zones and now everyone has a level playing field, time to learn again or quit

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    Thank you all for your feedback to my post.  I would like to start out saying that I was not a camper in MW2.  I always moved from one side of the map to the other numerous times during a match.  The perks I used 90% of the time was Marathon, Cold Blooded and Site Rep.  I liked being tactical and try to flank the other team.  After thinking about the maps for a little longer, I think I have a better way of stating my displeasure for them.  The maps in MW3 all funnel into death traps.  The maps in MW2 had a variety of things in them.  Estate is a perfect example, it had wide open spaces with the funnel of death "the house".  You could pick your poison.  You could stay in the wide open areas or run and gun.  You could use multiple guns for the same map.  I can't tell you how many times I would use an ACR on Rundown, then the next time, use the P90, then the next time use the Intervention.  In MW3, the maps are taylored for one type of gun.  One type in particular...the SMG with rapid fire.  The maps are small, too small in my opinion.  I am hoping since this is the conclusion of the "modern" era for IW and this series, they package ALL the MW1 and MW2 maps to be playable in MW3.  This would be a PERFECT way to have long term replayability in this game.  I love the playstyle of MW3, but prefer the maps of MW2.  Again, thank you for your feedback and this is only my opinion.

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