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Such a pitty  MW3 has so much potential.. a serious post!!


Over all i realy like the Mw3 game..

But IMHO they missed the boat on some sections ..


1: NO HARDCORE CTF ? whats with that ?? why only little league CTF ?

what is the point of defending the flag if with every kill you give away your spot with the kill cam..

Just take away that damn little league kill cam ..


2: Games are to short .. more minutes in a game gives teams a chance to come back .. 5min. in a CTF leg ..

That mistake was made in a update with Black ops too .. and then fixed back to 10 min. a leg.


3:QS quickscope.. come on..... we all hate it we all hoped it was gone.. we were all disapointed..


4:spray bullits instead of aiming .. this is a step back from Black ops. now the lucky ones win ..not who made the best effort.


5: Kill confirmed.. pointlessgame as it is.. it had to be NO kill points at all, untill confermed by a team member or the shooter..

now its just a other game of team death match


6: and this is a real dumb one.. no way to stop the damn music .. what 1990's game is this if the music cant be turned down..its 2011 boys .. fix it

In lobby grafix ?? wow back to the 90's again .. did you guys not make Black ops ? that had great grafix in lobbys etc etc..


And i have a tip .. CTF .. why is the flag always on the same spot? why not create more spots that the flag returns to every time its captured or returned?

That way the action is more spread over the map instead of on sopt on each side..


I realy like the game but sadly enough i findt many others switching back to balckops and even returning the game to the stores..

I hope this game gets some MAJOR fixes to get it up to blackops standard.. its a 90's game now..



Ps this is not about flaming the makers ..

this is about hoping they read it, and get a insight from a user..