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For People Having Problems With Elite !!!

If you are having problems with Elite (Premium/Founders) these steps MAY help you attain your emblems/titles* for MW3......Some people still have trouble but this has helped most people i have told....


These steps work for PS3 & 360 >>> 1. Turn on whichever console you own and load up your MW3 game. 2. Go to MW3 multiplayer menu then go down to where it states Elite and start the application. 3. Once you've started the application it should show the Elite summary screen press the start button on your controller & it will bring up the sidebar. 4. Once on the side bar you should see launch MW3 near the bottom just above settings click on start MW3 & it will log you out of Elite & take you back to the MW3 multiplayer menu 5. Go to your call sign's/emblems* & your new titles/emblems* should be there also when you go into create a class - camos section you'll find your new camo called Winter*


* For standard Elite users (free) you will not recieve 1emblem & title or the Winter camo they are exclusive to Premium/Founder user's.

For the Free Elite account user's you get 2hours free double XP & your emblem is a Red skull with a Red & Blue underscore/V type thing lol and the title has 2 silver Elite skull's bookending the Elite logo. Please note no camo for free user's .


*Premium/Founders Recieve both title & emblem featured above + 2hours Double XP & also gain a Silver Elite skull emblem & A Green skulled/Silver Elite Title + The Winter Camo .


Hope my steps helped you and this cleared things up a bit for every 1 ( I dont have my Founder Skull/Status yet either so i cant help you with that but it'll only be a matter of time till they sort that out for everyone but till then enjoy your new Titles & Emblems & the Game!!! )