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As of right now, Scavenger is semi-useless, due to the fact that it only refills gun ammo, and nothing else.


I think Scavenger should refill grenades and launcher ammo, and maybe even equipment.


This "buff" can even be added to the Pro version only, so people have to work for it.


How many of you agree with this? If you don't agree, explain why




Here I'll name off each launcher/grenade/equipment and it's counter, and see if everyone thinks it's balanced/unbalanced.




Equipment: Grenade/Rocket Launchers, Frag, Flash, Concussion, EMP Grenade, and Smoke

Counter: Trophy System and Blast Shield (Except EMP and Smoke).


Equipment: Throwing Knife

Counter: N/A


Equipment: Bouncing Betty, Claymore, and C4

Counter: EMP Grenade, Trophy System (Except Claymores), Blast Shield, Stalker (Except C4), and Sitrep.


Equipment: Scrambler, Trophy System, Tactical Insertion, and Portable Radar

Counter: Assassin (Only Portable Radar) and Sitrep.




Is this balanced or unbalanced?