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  • 210. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    i thought it was skill at first, but then i tried it out my self and dropped a few guys at 10 or so yds.  it's like 'curving a bullet'  i don't think there's any skill to it at all.  i don't often use sniper rifles mostly because i can't be in one place for too long.  snipers are, however, some of my favorite targets.  just thinking they maybe watched their killcam and saw that i iron sighted them from across the map makes me feel fuzzy inside.  i always hear more complaints about hardscopers than quickscopers.  like a corner camper complaining about run-n-gunners.

  • 211. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    Some of you guys think QuickScoping is a skill, personally I hate QS'ers (especially close range).

    As long as anyone can pick up QS, sniping isn't a special skill. It's more like walking around, anyone can learn.

    A really good sniper doesn't need QS, besides that, a sniper rifle shouldn't be effective in close range.

    If IW doesn't want to block QS, why don't they create gametypes that don't allow QS?


    I'm no good at Hardcore modes, so that's not an option for me.

  • 212. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    Who cares, most rarely hit anything so they a not a worry.

  • 213. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    It hasn't gained the nickname "Glitchscoping" for nothing. If there was no aim assist, and no half second lag compensation coded in to assist sniper rifle users to apparently "make the gun fight fair so that a sniper has time to return fire" - in other words no assists, THEN if players were dropping enemies left right and centre by quickscoping, it would be down to skill, and they would get massive kudos.


    But alas glitchscoping, or cheapscoping is an exploit of piss poor game programming, which has been with us notably since MW2. People who glitchscope, have no gameplay skill themselves - in fact most finish with a barely even score (the amount of glitchscopers I see with 25 deaths a game is funny as hell!) They just know how to exploit the exploit!

  • 214. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    With all the connection issues f@g scopings ohk ability is incredibly annoying especially cqb where it's very easy to do, to those with Lagvantage, it most be fun thinking you're the dog's bollocks. I have played games where people can't touch me too. Until they address the matchmaking and the hosting issues, it's all very random.

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