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  • 60. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    That's not true in my experience...


    I get several hitmarkers and die to qsers all the time...

  • 61. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    i agree with this guy, i find it to be ridiculous that someone can be hawling azz towards you raise up and kill you without blinking, i think its a flaw about the game it ruins gameplay esp, spawn killing repetitively

  • 62. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    RedTigerSA92 wrote:


    I use my sniper only for long and medium range. When I'm moving I use the mp-7. That's why you've a secondary weapon.


    Bingo!  And I bet you are tough to play against on objective games.

  • 63. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    I do QS only beacuse of the map are so small and you guy that hate qs now hate when a sinper whould sit in one spot for more then 3 sec and call all sniper noob camper in other cod game.


    QS do take some skills to do it right and know when to do it I see alot more fail at it then doing it right.



    Any way half of you are mostly the people going 0-10 or 0-20 when you try to do it and just fail at it. I have see more peoples useing the type AR and qs with it and it even easyer then a sinper to do it.


    their is three type of sniper on this game:


    - qs do nothing but quick scoping

    - hard scoping or real snpier what ever you want to called it

    - the hybird it is a mix of quick scoping and hard scoping or what ever you want to called it.

    which I am more of I do qs sometime but it more of a counter sinpeing at long range and sometime just qs.

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    It's a long range shotgun, really. Pretty unbalanced. Especially when lag is in the equasion, and the QS'er eats 3-4 of my bullets then drops me like a bad habit.

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    ovadosa wrote:


    how do you explain controllers having qs built in then? one button press and you are a qs'er. how does one program all the skill and difficulty into a controller? all you are doing is finding the perfect timing from one trigger to the next. all you people defending quickscoping do your research. it is an exploit and a cheap one at that. one that was never intended but exploited to the fullest. it really isnt that hard to do, its all a matter of timing and that little bit of aim assist goes a long way when you dont even have to lock onto your target. i mean really half the time the scope doesnt even come all the way up, and thats a osk? and the dumb names qs'ers come up with a black scope? really?


    just because you use a sniper rifle does not make you a sniper. all the qs'ers that say hardscoping is for noobs are sorely mistaken. thats the guy who actually knows how to use the sniper rifle. i dont care how much you qs'ers want to defend it or say how hard and skillful it is, as always the people who made the game know a whole lot more than you, that its a cheap exploit of the game mechanics. btw go watch the history channel and then come back and tell me if you are "sniping"......



    You sir are an I D I O T.  You say quickscoping is an exploit that was never intended, yet it has been around since the beginning of Call of Duty.  Then you go on to say the people who made the game know a lot more than the quickscopers who try to defend quickscoping.  If the developers know so much and quickscoping is STILL around after all these years, I'd say it IS AN INTENDED feature of the game.

  • 66. Re: Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?

    hahaha. the idiot is you kind sir. do your research. the game developers said themselves that quickscoping was a cheap exploit of the game mechanincs. someone found out how to do it and it spread like wildfire. if it was intended they would tell you how to do it in the strategy guide. when you play the campaign mode it doesnt show you how to quickscope there either. how about game hints and tips on the loading screen? no mention there either. the tips and tricks dont even make mention of it. all the information on the game about sniping and no mention of quickscoping, hmmmm.......


    treyarch INTENTIONALLY tried to take it out of their game and make it harder to do and it was. then came the whiners and criers and the patch was born to make it a bit more easier to do. since it has found its niche iw didnt bother to do what treyarch did to make it more difficult and almost impossible to do. i bet you quickscope dont you?


    its origins werent from the game developers, the people who made the game didnt make quickscoping part of it. if it was their intention they would tell you how to do it. there would be a tutorial somewher in the game, there is a tutorial of sorts for everything else in the game. there are no missions in the game where qs is the feature of it. any qs'ing in the campaign where they give you a rifle and they tell you go qs? what game has a function and they say hey you can do this figure it out yourself. its ok guy qs away.....

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    How did I know you would be a horrible player and have little to no experience using the sniper rifles?    I bet you yell "HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK DOWN HIS SCOPE!" every time you watch a killcam. 


    https://elite.callofduty.com/career/xbox/54d10030cc86b1b94936ffc356784a3d#/playe rcardmw3

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    i dont use sniper rifles and? i know how to use them. a bit hardere when used the way its supposed to, i certainly dont qs with them. i dabbled with the 50 cal. for a little while. slows the game down too much for my tastes. sweet dude, glad you looked me up. see my classes? cool right?. any suggestions? and your link? so when you qs, do you look down the scope? isnt that kind of the point of qsing? your not actually looking down the scope, maybe a little when you dragscope but all you are doing is waiting for the scope TO COME UP not LOOKING DOWN IT....


    its okay if you qs, but i wouldnt say im horrible though, i dont camp and im a campers wet dream. i keep coming back until i get you. i also play ffa a whole lot, 7 losers a game ya know. i was running a 1 pt k/d which still sucks, but i fell in love with the model and was determined to level it up after spending a token on it and being stubborn because it really sucks the hit marker king i call it. i run and gun which for me causes alot of deaths. and go figure i went from a 37 to a 50 inch and my game hasnt been the same since.....


    i play for fun but i sure aint no scrub, i get mines. i give as good as i get, k/d isnt exactly the best judge of skill. join my game sometime, since you looking me up. then you can post to the world how horrible i really am, having qs'ed the life out of me....that will shom him...again though, whats your link got to do with quickscoping? or the fact its cheap?......hey did you notice my cool emblem for blops? cant wait for 2, i got a lot of compliments on that....i digress.....sorry. i cant say i would waste the time returning the favor, i will just assume you are probably awesome blah blah so much better than me blah blah blah 3 pt k/d mp7 blah blah blah pp9o blah....im on just about every night, get at me....btw why didnt you post yours alongside mine to compare?

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    I personally think quick scoping is awesome and I don't quickscope myself. I can't control how fast quickdraw pops in. Even though it can be frustrating, I've had no problem taking out quick scopers. Maybe I don't play against the best of the best but I've played against some tough ones. Just got to play smart. Got to know how to move. Nice video at the beginning btw.

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