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Anyone planning on making a clan?

I'm looking to join one soon. I would call myself pretty decent my K/D is 1.29. I usually never camp and I usually run and gun. I like using SMG class and hopefully shotguns if they buff them ever. I usually run a support package with UAV, Recon Drone, and Advanced UAV so you will always have an eye in the sky with me. I'm usually the one going for the points and the captures so that explains why my K/D isnt as high. I dont usually play for getting all the kills just getting the job done any way possible. I am also not perfect, there are some games where I am really good and some where I am just terrible. Anyways I'm pretty flexible with my schedule and I am prestige level 1 rank 13. I have been in a clan before but it was very unorganized and therefore not fun. I want to be a part of a real clan and actually contribute to it. Communication is important to me so I would appreciate it if the clan members all have mics and stuff like that. Anyway, if you are interested in adding me to your clan then just add me at OvertureSoul. Btw I dont know if this matters or not but I am 18 years old.