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New PS3 Clan - RoTA (Riders of the Apocalypse) - US Clan - 16+

"Long ago,

When the mountains were still young..

A young hero thrust the Sword of Awesomeness into the sky..

And with that, heroes of likeminded characteristics congregated..

With a joke, and a handshake,

a new clan was suddenly born."



Alright, enough silliness! A friend and I are greatly considering creating our own clan. We really don't have the most experience, and we don't really fear that. We just want to create a clan tailored to our interests, and perhaps pull in a group of like-minded individuals. Before we entirely finalize anything we want to see if there is going to be any interest towards the clan in general, just from how we outline what we are planning here (Don't want to waste founder clan exp!)


Our Outline:


-We want to be a Casual, Laid Back,  and Fun-Loving Clan. We don't care about KDR, our interest is being able to come online when it is convenient to us, and have a good time! Sure we will try to get involved in all the clan contests and what-not being set up, but we understand personal life is much more important. If you want a good summary statement of what we want our guild to rank as we could say we want to be Seriously Casual. It would be great to get a good group of players that know each other all hanging out having a good time. We don't want things to get super serious, we just want to have fun. On that note, we would really rather you not ruin the mood for everyone else! We like our fun, butf you are going to be an absolute downer, don't ruin the fun for everyone else. Take a breather (Everyone has a bad game once in a while, it's understandable. But if you rage constantly and piss everyone off, your out!)


-We really like Open Communication. Mic's are really awesome, and it is preferred if you have one, but if you don't it is no big deal! If you have never played with a micophone on while joking with your buddies on the other end, then you have missed out! It brings new aspects to the game and makes even the most rage-filled match seem much better than it actually was. This is why we support the use of microphones! It brings fun to playing with your team if someone is making jokes, it just makes gaming much more fun, and it really does help with strategy, a well timed "Behind you!" can actually get your team that last second game-winning kill!


-While we really do support having fun we still require respect amongst fellow members even more-so. We want to make a group of friends that can joke with each other, not a group of enemies that want to stab each otehr in the back. We believe everything can be in good fun, we don't care about a "Language Filter", but don't go over the edge. Respect the other members. We don't want people with hurt feelings pissing each other off and leaving. If you have a problem, talk to a clan owner or something, try to resolve a problem instead of making it worse.


-We want to have an open recruitement system! We don't want an arduous process just to get into our clan. We would much rather you just message the leader asking "Hey, can I join?", and get on with it! With the way CoD: Elite has clans set up, clans are becoming a much more available experience, and they are even becoming easier to manage. We don't want to require an interview or a tryout to get into our clan. We don't care about your KDR! If you get 3 kills a match, that is okay with us, you do however have to be open to criticism. It will help you get better, I myself was told I sucked SO many times when I was learning to play. I may not be the best player ever, but I got better, and I am still progressing and learning! You will too, and we want to support that drive to get better! This is why we don't want to entirely limit our recruiting. We will however kick trouble makers, we value respect and quality of our members over quantity. YOU CAN BE REPLACED. That said, we don't WANT to replace anyone, but if you are a problem, it can be done.


-We do ask that you are 16 years of age or older. This is not because of maturity level, or because we simply hate kids, but we don't want to get in trouble with parents! We don't normally play with a "Language Filter", and even though you may be 13 and playing CoD (which is already pretty awesome of your parents), its a possibility parents might not enjoy their child becoming quite vulgar in their normal language. We can make exceptions sure, but if we get banned because of a horrendously reporting done a 12 year old's parents, we will find you.



So far this is our simple outline of our clan. We don't plan to go much further than this! We want to be a casual clan. We WILL be involved in clan challenges, but we just want an environment to have fun. We want to test the waters here, see if we can get a good deal of interest from players! Please reply here or message: Darkrain667  on PSN. With enough interest we will set it in stone, and get on our way to good times and becoming awesome!