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What is the best "trolling" class in your opinion?

I have only played the game for about a day, so I don't know any OP weapons, Perks, or Proficiencies to use. However, I'm pretty sure I should use the Type 95 as my primary. I not sure about attachments or secondarys, but I saw one guy wreck **** with a under-mount shotgun. I won't use the grenade launcher because it's painfully obvious that they nerfed it, but I think that the shotgun might be the way to go. As for Perks and Proficiencies, I'm at a total loss. Help would be appreciated with making this class.


P.S. I troll online. Who doesen't?

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    Nearly 100 view and no replies. Some feedback would be appreciated people. At least give me some OP weapons and perks to work with.

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    Honestly I don't see the T95 as anything particularly troll-worthy. The only people who think its OP are the ones shocked that anything can possibly match their ACR. Honestly the only time I feel like I'm being trolled is when I'm using a very impractical loadout, and serves me right if the pragmatists beat the crap out of me then. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not much you can really abuse this time around. Mad, bro?

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    The ACR isnt something that all praised. I use it but I use many other guns for my classes. When I get bored, I simply switch it up.

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    If you want to use an assault rifle, a good early one to use is the SCAR-L. As you progress along both by ranking up classes and weapon progression you can equip it with 2 attachment proficiency - use a silencer and heartbeat detector. For perks use blindfire / assasin (it's easy and quick to get assasin pro and you'll get to the 10000xp rewards quick on it!) / stalker. Secondary weapon should be something silenced (I like the MP9 here). Strike chain is up to you - this is not a camper set up so if you use support go for low streaks like uav, care package and predator missile. Use a frag grenade for lethal and either concussion or flash bang for tactical. This is a great mobile class to track down enemies on your own without being detected. It's worked great for me in Team Deathmatch situations. If you're playing objective games like domination you may want to use the same setup except use a UMP 45 with a silencer and whatever proficiency you prefer (enemy movement will be somewhat predictable in these game modes so the heartbeat sensor on the SCAR-L or any other AR is not as beneficial - the small maps and the battles for objectives create more CQB scenarios than long range engagements-hence why I like the UMP 45). Good Hunting!

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    for primary use P90 with rapid fire and silencer with the attachments proficiency.for second4ry use mp9 silenced.for perks use sleight of hand,quickdraw and marksman/steady aim(depending on with map.A for big maps and B for small ones.killstreaks should be assault uav,care package and predator or if your really cr4p at the game use support.death streak can be anything except for final stand since u like trolling.

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    striker with kick and a grip

    akimbo fmg 9's

    slight of hand pro

    (i prefer hardline but it's up to you)

    (i use steady aim but it's up to you)

    And for the killstreaks use the most annoying ones like reaper, ac130 and jug.

    Its not hard to get 15 kills withought dying in this class. its so easy

    I used this class and went 106 and 13 in HQ and got a couple Moabs but didnt use them