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Drop Shooters at it again


Ok as always, people think this game is HALo and start jumping up and down when they are getting shot at, or simply just lay down and shot. I can most of the time kill them before they even try to puss out and drop down. Been told there is a mod for that, and kids are picking up these controllers. Just wish that we can put a end to this mod controller fest that is corruputing the game. Starts with sniper guns as full automatics, and kids jumping up and down.. really.. your just making your self look like a as that cant take a death..

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    Its a skill and shows fast reflexs why you mad?

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    Thats funny cause dropping and jumping saves me a lot of the time. I guess your idea of skill is to stand infront of each oother, not moving, and see who wins?

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    Its not a skill.. its a ***** way out. I can do it, but refuse to. Even got kids admiting they have a mod controller that does it for them with press of a button. I even found them on ebay and other places around town that sells these damn things. Up to me and extra money, i would take them and fk them up and return them back, so the next idiot that buys it wont work for them.

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    You just have to suck it up and play on cause people will do anything to save their K/D ratio and not die

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    I dropshot all of the time I've never even heard of a mod for it? Why would you buy a mod for it when all you have to do is hold in a button. Are you sure there is mods for it? Anyway if I didn't jump and dropshot my k/d would probally be <2

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    Your getting mad cause you cannot aim at an enemy who lays on the floor fast and your thinking if you laid on the floor just as fast youll be able to kill him?...


    You still have to move your analog stick to aim >.>

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    Haha n00b. crying because your getting killed. gotta blame something right.


    Drop shotting takes skill and is a usefull skill at that. and you dont need a modded controller all you need is to use tactical layout.


    Haha what a cryhard.

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    Honestly i dont give a ratts ass for my KD, its the big W. I aim for the legs to preven drop shooting.. but it gets very very annoying.. its a fun conversation to listen to kids doing it, and really anoying when you got adults doing it as well, and act like children in the lobby.

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    time out. the whole game is about killing and  not dying and your crying cause people "cant take a death". Looks like your the one who cant take someone being better than you.


    Thats like watching UFC and getting mad at someone stuffing a takedown cause they "couldnt take a slam"


    This is just a cryhard crying cause he is getting beaten by better players

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